‘All good things come to an end’: Burgess hints at end of Souths brotherhood

George Burgess has hinted at a departure from his brothers at the Rabbitohs, as rumours continue to surround his future in the NRL.

Adamant he would rather stay in the NRL than sign with a Super League club, Burgess said on Wednesday he would be taking his future prospects "a year at a time".

End of an era? George, Sam, and Tom Burgess training with the Rabbitohs.

"It would be nice to keep playing with my brothers but we don’t live in a perfect life," he said. "All good things come to an end."

Asked if he would be departing Souths to sign with the Broncos, Burgess offered a cryptic "maybe, maybe not".

"I’m just trying not to think about it too much," he said. "I'm just trying to focus on playing to be honest."

Trading places? George Burgess comes to grips with off-contract Bronco Matt Lodge.Credit:AAP

Burgess got a taste of his potential new home turf last week, as all 16 teams headed to Brisbane for  Magic Round.

"I think it was a great success being up in Brisbane, a really good rugby league town," he said. "Seeing and crossing paths with other teams was great."

Twin brother Tom Burgess said his biggest concern regarding George's potential departure would be facing him in a different coloured jersey.

"We’ve done the brother thing and that’s been great, we’ve had a great couple of years," he said. "I wouldn't like to tackle him in a competitive game, I’ve never done that before, but there’s a first for everything."

George also toyed with the idea of a collective move back to the UK in the future for the Burgess brothers, saying "anything is possible".

Tom added that a return to his homeland wouldn't be off the cards for him after his Souths contract expired in 2023.

Twin brother Tom Burgess says he would be happy to return to the UK in the future once his time with the Souths has come to an end. Credit:AAP

"My missus is over in England at the moment, she is loving it, she wants to move there," she said. "I would always like to move back to England at some point in my life, and have a stint back over there."

The brothers have ties to Super League club Bradford Bulls but Hull FC are expressing their interest in signing George.

"Bradford beat Leeds on the weekend, in the Challenge Cup so, Bradford are on the way back up," Tom said. "Maybe all the boys that came from Bradford might come back there one day."

The Rabbitohs travel to fourth-ranked Canberra on Saturday, with Alex Johnston set to miss up to a month after undergoing surgery for a knee injury. He will be replaced by Corey Allan at fullback, with Mawene Hiroti on the wing.

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