Halle Open tournament director reveals Roger Federer worry

Federer has signed a lifetime contract with the Halle Open and will headline their event next week.

Tickets are expected to sell out every day in which Federer competes so the longer his run the better for the competition.

But once the 37-year-old decides to call time on his career there may not be another player who can have a similar impact on the ATP 500 event.

“There will be no successor who can replace him one on one,” Weber told westfalen-blatt.de.

“You do not have to fool yourself. What Roger Federer has done and still achieves is above all else.

“Everyone will have a hard time saying ‘I’m stepping into those footsteps now’.

“So, looking at the whole tournament, we have to make sure that we – as this year – have a great mix of world stars, German pros and players of the so-called Next Generation, the stars of tomorrow.

“Our viewers want to see attractive tennis. We want to offer that to them.”

Weber does not take for granted the commitment he has received from Federer.

“It seems almost natural to us that a world star like Roger Federer plays here in Halle every year,” he added.

“But many 500 tournaments will never get the chance that they will ever be seen there at all.

“That we can present Roger Federer in Halle is something very special.

“Because of him, fans from all over the world travel, and of course he is also the spectator magnet for the tennis fans in the region.

“All in all, I expect the same popularity this year as in previous years, ie around 110,000 spectators.

“That’s an impressive number and a level that we can no longer easily increase for infrastructural reasons alone.”

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