Love rat Aussie cricket coach QUITS after sex texts on tour scandal

Love rat Aussie cricket coach sensationally QUITS after high-flying job became ‘untenable’ following ‘lurid revelations’ in sex texts on tour scandal – as his Hong Kong bosses reportedly ‘disappointed’ by his conduct

  • Aussie international cricket coach Trent Johnston has sensationally quit
  • Resignation in wake of sex texts on tour revelations from UK, Dubai and Africa
  • Johnston’s position ‘untenable’ after ‘lurid revelations of extramarital affair’
  • While on tour the 48-year-old texted erotic messages and met up with women
  • Texts included ‘you were amazing in the shower’ and ‘I’ve got an itch to scratch’
  • On dating app Bumble he received topless photos from woman he tried to meet
  • Hong Kong media says cricket bosses ‘disappointed’ but spared a decision 

A love rat Aussie cricket coach caught out cheating on his wife during months-long overseas tours has sensationally quit his job after returning to meet with his bosses at Cricket Hong Kong.  

Trent Johnston resigned as Hong Kong cricket coach with immediate effect, the South China Morning Post has revealed.

‘Cricket Hong Kong and the former Ireland international decided to part ways after revelations about Johnston’s private life were made public,’ Hong Kong’s major newspaper reported.

‘Johnston’s position as coach is understood to have become untenable after an Australian tabloid published lurid details of an extramarital affair he was accused of having while he was away with the Hong Kong team this summer.

‘At the time the story broke, cricket bosses in the city said that they were “disappointed” by the revelations, and would discuss the coach’s position on his return from Australia, where he had gone after the side’s successful Asia Cup campaign.’

The cricket Hong Kong statement said that, even without the revelations, Johnston’s position was under review. 

‘The decision to quit has spared Cricket Hong Kong from having to decide whether to dispense with their coach, although it is possible that missing out on the T20 World Cup, or the chance to regain the team’s One Day International status, could have prompted a change in any case.’

Aussie cricket coach Trent Johnston has sensationally quit as the head coach for Cricket Hong Kong after returning there in wake of sext texts on tour scandal

Johnston’s wife Joanne Bell was dismayed to discover saucy texts and evidence of infidelity on he husband’s laptop after he returned from tour for a romantic reunion

One series of text revealed Johnston had slept with a Zimbabwean woman in the Bulawayo Holiday In (above) while touring with the Hong Kong side in the T20 tournament 

Daily Mail Australia made the revelations about Trent Johnston’s extramarital affair in Zimbabwe and saucy texts with women in England and Dubai, while he was touring with the Hong Kong team over three months in the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Johnston’s extracurricular liaisons were laid bare when he returned to Australia after the Hong Kong side failed to qualify for the T20 World Cup currently being played here.

During what was intended to be a romantic reunion with Joanne Bell, his property agent wife, he gave her his laptop to watch a cricket match while he went to the pub.

When it began pinging with WhatsApp messages, a shocked Ms Bell discovered her husband of 2.5 years had been cheating on her with other women while on cricket tours overseas.

 ‘We are done. Our marriage is over,’ she immediately texted Johnston.

The laptop revealed he had sex with a woman at the Bulawayo Holiday Inn while on tour in Zimbabwe, and took another woman up to his room in the Al Habtoor City Hilton hotel during the Asia Cup tournaments in Dubai.  

Joanne Bell found the texts her husband Trent Johnston (above the couple together) made while he was on tour with his international Hong Kong side in England, Zimbabwe and Dubai

Australian international cricket coach Trent Johnston (above bowling for Ireland against India in 2006) had text exchanges with women he met on tour which his wife later found

Joanne Bell (above with Johnston) planned a romantic reunion with her husband, but on day four uncovered erotic WhatsApp messages between him and four different women

Johnston and another coach – who cannot be named –  hooked up with two actress-models ‘A’ and ‘LM’ who spent time in their rooms at the Dubai Hilton in September this year.

Daily Mail Australia obtained the racy texts between Johnston and the two women in Dubai, as well as the Zimbabwean women he slept with during ICC T20 World tournament tour.

Texts also included topless nude photos sent to him by a woman via the dating app Bumble while he was in training camp in Britain between the tours. 

In the Bumble exchange, Johnston told the woman she was ‘amazing in the shower’. 

‘You were amazing in the shower’: international cricket coach Trent Johnston’s text to a woman on the dating app Bumble while he was on training camp in Kent, UK

Johnston, a Wollongong-born former NSW Sheffield Shield cricketer and Ireland international and team captain  had also coached the NSW Blues before becoming Hong Kong head coach in 2019.

 During flirty exchanges with the African woman he spent the night with in Zimbabwe, Johnston had texted, ‘I have an itch for you to scratch young lady’.

Trent called two of the other women he exchanged messages with ‘young lady’ and repeated the term with the woman in Zimbabwe, ‘M’.

Daily Mail Australia protected the identities of all the women who had contact with Trent Johnston on tour by using just their initials.  

Trent complained to ‘M’ that he had got stuck with coaching duties around 2.15am before getting back to his room where she was.  

 She later texted him to say ‘thank you for an unforgettable moment’.

He texted back, saying ‘wow, thank you for coming over and spending hours in a strange man’s hotel room …  it gets this old bugga a little, sorry a lot excited … haha.’

While he was packing to leave Zimbabwe, she texted him to say, ‘should I come and join you for the shower’, adding a coy laughter emoji.

Trent replied, ‘I have an itch for you to scratch young lady’. In another exchange he asked her ‘what do I wear to bed’ and she replied, ‘I don’t wear anything’, and adds a  playful ‘see no evil’ monkey emoji.

Trent replied, ‘Lucky sheets. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t’, M then texted ‘I promise I won’t’ and Trent replied, ‘I promise I will’.

The teams playing in Zimbabwe at the World Cup Qualifier ‘B’ tournament were all vying for a spot to play in the A division of T20 in Australia which started on October 16 and continues until mid-November. 

Trent Johnston (above in Kingston, Jamaica in 2007) forged a career as an international cricketer in Ireland where he captained the team and toured the world 

Bumble dating app exchange between Trent Johnston and a woman ‘MJ’ while he was in training camp in Kent, UK with the team he coached, the international Hong Kong men’s side

The woman ‘M’, Trent Johnston spent a night with in Zimbabwe as his Hong Kong side competes in ICC T20 World tournament qualifying matches for a chance at playing in Australia

Texts between Trent Johnston and ‘M’ in Zimbabwe talk about sleeping nude in bed, and the cricketer saying ‘I have an itch for you to scratch young lady’. The times of the texts are in AEST, eight hours ahead of Zimbabwe

Johnston’s Hong Kong team won one out of two qualifying games and didn’t advance to the semi-finals in a tournament which was ultimately won by Zimbabwe.

Joanne Bell contacted the woman ‘M’ her husband had met in Zimbabwe to ask her if during their ‘unforgettable’ night together, Trent had worn a condom.

M told Joanne that Trent had, but Ms Bell said she nevertheless got herself tested twice after learning that Zimbabwe has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world, with over 20 per cent of the adult population carrying the virus.

Trent Johnston (above in 2010 with then Australian captain Ricky Ponting in Dublin) played for NSW but only began his international career after moving to Ireland, which he captained

Bumble dating app exchange July 22 – 24  with ‘MJ’ while Trent Johnston is on training camp in UK  

 10.46am: Trent: ‘Hi  … how’s your day going? Sorry I should have said it’s Trent from Bumble. I’m new to this sort of thing too’

2.10pm:  MJ: ‘Hi Trent. Thanks for texting. It’s going great And you’. (M sends Trent a topless image of a pair of women’s breasts).

2.11pm: Trent: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

2.16pm: MJ: (two love face emojis).

2:16pm: Trent: How do I get a chance to see those live?

2:18pm: MJ: any pics of you?

2.19pm: Trent: ‘Are they really yours? There is blood flowing to a few interesting parts right now. I’m working at the moment. What sort of pics you looking for young lady’

2.22pm: MJ: Surprise me!

2.23pm: Trent: It will have to be later I’m out coaching at the minute. The boys would be surprised if I started taking photos… you got any more to get me through this last hour? Are you in Wales at the moment?

After an hour’s hiatus, Trent texted, ‘you’ve gone silent on me’, to which ‘M’ replied, ‘let’s chat when you’re not “coaching”.’

4.01pm: Trent: Yes, boss. Hard to concentrate though.

Presumably he tried to call ‘MJ’, who texted an hour after that, ‘don’t call me please I am not on my own’ but then the next morning, at 6.03 am, sent a photo of a topless woman wearing just underpants.

6.47am: Trent: when do I get to wake up next to that body?

He later texted MJ, saying ‘are you playing with yourself … you were amazing in the shower’ and praising her ‘amazing body’. 

Image of topless woman send on dating app Bumble to cricketer Trent Johnston in late July as he was preparing for two ‘friendly’ matches during a training camp

The Hong Kong cricket team coached by Johnston finished unbeaten in the Asia Cup qualifiers in Al Amerat, Oman between August 21 and 25, beating Singapore, Kuwait and the UAE.

O the evening after an encounter with a woman in his room, Mr Johnston’s team lost by 40 runs to cricketing giant India at Dubai International Stadium.

Two days later, on September 3, Hong Kong played Pakistan and registered its lowest score in T20 Internationals, losing the match by a staggering 155 runs.

Johnston flew back to Sydney the next day and was initially warmly greeted by Joanne Bell, his second wife, the couple having married in 2019, in Hong Kong.    

Joanne Bell (above with Trent Johnston) told her husband after finding the text exchanges that their marriage was over and she blocked him from returning to the Byron Bay hotel room where they had been having a romantic reunion

When Joanne Bell challenged her husband Trent Johnston (above, as Ireland international captain) he told her he had only shared drinks with two women in Dubai and that there was no sex

Trent Johnston and Joanne Bell on their wedding day, but Ms Bell has now taken out an AVO against her husband after she found erotic texts between him  and other women on his laptop 


 1995: Johnston first played club cricket in Ireland in 1995 and met his first wife Vanessa, with whom he had two children.

1999: First class debut as a batsman and fast bowler for NSW, in a Sheffield Shield match against Tasmania in which Johnston and Brett Lee opened the bowling.

2000: After breaking his arm in that debut match, Johnson’s career stalled but he played Pura Cup for NSW.

2004: International debut playing for Ireland. He would go on to play 67 ODIs, 33 first-class and 30 T20I matches for Ireland.

2005: Became captain of the Ireland side.

2014: He returned to Australia to coach the NSW Blues and Sydney Sixers and remained as coach for three years.

2019: Was appointed by Cricket Hong Kong as head coach. Married his second wife, Joanne Bell, in November.

2022: Toured Zimbabwe with his Hong Kong side for the World T20 qualifiers, entered a training camp in Kent, UK and competed at the Asia Cup in Dubai.

October 2022: Sensationally quits as Cricket Hong King head coach after position became ‘untenable’.

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