Aaron Chalmers heaps praise on Floyd Mayweather

‘He’s just unbelievable… that’s one to tell the grandkids’: Aaron Chalmers heaps praise on Floyd Mayweather after surviving eight rounds with boxing legend in exhibition bout

  • Floyd Mayweather produced another dominant showing in an exhibition fight
  • Former pound-for-king Mayweather took on reality TV star Aaron Chalmers 
  • The American veteran showed he has still ‘got it’ just a day after his 46th birthday

Aaron Chalmers had nothing but praise for Floyd Mayweather after he lasted eight rounds with the boxing great.

The fight failed to draw in the crowds but Chalmers put up a good show of himself on the night, managing to survive to the bell.

Speaking after the fight, he said: ‘He caught us clean on the chin in the second round and it did wake me up a lot, but he’s just unbelievable. That’s one to tell the grandkids.

‘We got as many sparring partners in but you can’t get anyone in to do what Floyd does.

‘The win for me was to get to the eighth round and that’s what I did. Thanks to Floyd and his team I’m now in the mix for Jake Paul, KSI and hopefully bigger names.’ 

Aaron Chalmers had nothing but praise for Floyd Mayweather after he lasted eight rounds

The reality TV star faced off against American Mayweather in an exhibition bout on Saturday

And former Geordie Shore star Chalmers hailed the veteran as ‘just unbelievable’ after defeat

Mayweather was fighting in the UK for the first time and, although he dominated the fight, he could not stop the former Geordie Shore star.

The 46-year-old former five-weight world champion landed a string of right hands in the seventh round but Chalmers held on.

And, although Mayweather continued to rain down blows in the last round, Chalmers managed to stay in the fight until the final bell.

Mayweather said: ‘This guy is tough as nails, I came over to the UK to entertain the people.

‘We had fun for eight rounds and I’m glad that I came. What he has to do is work hard and believe in his skills, because he’s got a good chin and he’s a tough competitor.’

Chalmers entered the exhibition with just one prior boxing match under his belt, but performed commedably given the gulf in experience between himself and the pound-for-pound great.

Mayweather unsurprisingly dominated the action during the eight-round exhibition, but Chalmers managed to reach the final bell without being stopped, unlike many of Money’s previous opponents.

Speaking following the bout Mayweather hailed the reality TV star’s durability, and called the 35-year-old former MMA fighter a ‘tough competitor.’

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