Anthony Joshua’s brutal workout regime at lasts 14 hours

Standing at 6ft6in tall and weighing a monumental 17 stone, Anthony Joshua, 32, is an absolute beast in boxing.

His muscle mass is achieved through a brutal exercise routine that would leave most of us floored after just 30 minutes, but he manages up to 14 hours.

It’s necessary to become one of the best boxers in the world but it comes at a brutal cost.

His days are long and body-destroying but he does admit to some breaks here or there.

It’s a testament to the sport and shows that it isn’t just something anyone can do to become a world champion.

What is Anthony Joshua's daily routine?

Unsurprisingly, AJ’s days begin early and end late as he dedicates almost all his time for training.

In an interview with Life Beyond Sport, he revealed what a daily routine looks like.

The man mountain said: “On a typical training day I will get up at 6.30am and finish training at 8pm.

“I’ll do running, stretching, and then three gym sessions at about 11.30am, 1.30pm and 5.30pm, so I am usually done by about 8pm.”

However, he did add that it is a five day a week schedule, allowing himself a couple of days away from the gym to relax.

He added: “It’s intense but we do get to rest on the weekend.”

Anthony Joshua diet

AJ gets the exercise in early, avoiding breakfast first thing and taking a b-line straight towards the gym.

He explained: “I implement fasted cardio before breakfast to build my fitness and burn fat.

“Unless you wake up two hours before you train, it’s hard to have a breakfast first anyway and we like to start early.

“Every fight is based on three-minute rounds with one-minute rests, so I head down to a 400m track and complete a 900m run within three minutes, followed by one minute’s rest.

“I’ll do that up to eight times to help simulate the demands of a fight.”

What exercises does Anthony Joshua's do?

AJ focuses on heavy-weight exercises and compound movements, but one requires nothing more than his body.

Made famous by Mike Tyson, AJ does neck rolls, a brutal exercise that focuses on arching the body that strengthens the body and helps build resistance to powerful blows.

He also trains underwater, adding an extra level of difficulty to an already savage set.

Speaking to Men’s Health, he said: "I’m making it difficult to keep under water, so it’s building up a mentality that even when it gets tough, you have to stay underwater and I’m going to push that weight across.”

He pushes weights nearly 100 feet under the surface, giving his entire body a workout in the process.

He also works out in the sand, inspired by Brazilian football players.

He explained to Life Beyond Sport: “I often go down to a sandpit and do a lot of boxing movements in the sand.

“It’s very heavy on the legs and it’s similar to how the Brazilians learn to play football.

“If you look at top players like Pele and Ronaldinho, their secret was to play football in the sand because it builds up the strength and stability and balance in the legs.

“It really helps with my explosive agility too.”

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