Boxer Logan Paul finally unboxes £2.6m Pokemon cards – finds out they’re fake

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Youtuber-turned-professional boxer Logan Paul has revealed that he has spent £2.6million on fake Pokemon cards.

The 26-year-old shared on social media last month that he had purchased the 'only known' sealed box of first-edition base set Pokemon cards.

However, when Paul finally decided to open the trading cards, he was met with a shocking surprise.

Paul had decided to open the box in front of experts, but they found that the individual packs actually contain G.I.Joe trading cards rather than the 'holy grail' of Pokémon cards.

However, the £2.6million is a drop in the ocean compared to what he earned against Floyd Mayweather.

Responding to a Daily Star Sport article about Mayweather's purse Paul tweeted: "Yeah because the dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet lol. It’s been 6 months."

And Paul's co-host on his Impaulsive podcast, Mike Majlak, has now weighed in on the debate.

Majlak said on The Daily Stardust: "I think he paid some of it. But I don’t think he paid all of it.

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"He still owes him some. They are working on it right now."

Paul has been a well-known name on Youtube over the past couple of years, but he shot to superstardom over the summer when he squared off with Mayweather.

Paul took Mayweather the distance in their exhibition bout when the pair met at Miami Gardens, Florida.

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