Boxer Miriam Gutierrez’s sickening pics of ‘disfigured’ face after ​236 punches

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Boxer Miriam Gutierrez has shared images of her beaten face online after she was left unrecognisable by opponent Amanda Serrano.

Gutierrez faced off against seven-weight world champion Serrano on the under-card of Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley, and although she lost, she lasted the full ten rounds, but with the evidence to show for it.

The Spaniard took an incredible 236 punches to the face over the course of ten rounds, and lost by unanimous decision, with the judges ruling 99-91, 99-90, 100-90 in Serrano's favour.

Gutierrez' face was visibly dismorphed during the fight, but photo's following their bout have shown just how bad the damage is.

Gutierrez has felt the full force of Serrano, and it may have even led to an early retirement as the Spaniard has been suspended from boxing indefinitely due to the damage sustained.

Medical suspensions from the Florida Department of Licensing and Regulation, which oversees the boxing commission, were released this week and it stated that the 38-year-old may never fight professionally again owing to the amount of damage she received on the night.

Gutierrez may have lost the battle, but she has certainly won Serrano's respect, as the Puerto Rican champion said: "I want to thank my dance partner Miriam Gutierrez. She didn’t come to lay down.

"I don’t care who is in front of me, I’m not coming to play! She just told me she weighed 160lbs today. Thank god I worked with my girl Nisa Rodriguez who was at 165lbs.

"She’s a tough fighter. She did say she was in better shape this time than when she fought Katie Taylor because she had a year layoff.

"Now, she just had a fight last month that she won. I fought the best Miriam Gutierrez and I beat her.

"This isn’t a sad or bitter loss, it’s a dignified one, it was a war from the get go until the end.

"It’s been an honour. I wanted to be a complete fighter. The knockout, if it came, it came. But I just wanted to make sure that I beat her.

"The strategy was to just go out there and just beat her, beat her every single round and dominate her. Just box and show that I'm an all-around fighter."

Beat her she did, brutally, although the pair share a lot of respect and love, this may be one of the biggest beat downs in boxing history.

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