Boxing icon Mike Tyson defies age by landing lightning-fast shots aged 56

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Mike Tyson has been seen once again defying age as he landed a number of huge strikes while sparring with trainer Rafael Cordeiro.

During his iconic career, Tyson became undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and retired in 2005 with a 50-6-2 record. He is a true legend of the sport, and he even made an in-ring comeback to compete against Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout in 2020.

A recently uploaded video by Cordeiro shows the 56-year-old still possesses the power that intimidated opponents during his career. Tyson has been training with Cordeiro at the MMA Gym, King MMA.

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The video – uploaded to Instagram with a caption that read ‘Light sparring with the tiger’ – showed Cordeiro suited up in a big body pad as Tyson threw strong left hooks into his torso before landing a fierce right hand punch.

Cordeiro then struck a few punches of his own, but Tyson ducked and weaved away from them before the duo split up and began dancing to stay light on their feet. The trainer looked particularly pleased as he clearly felt Tyson is still oozing boxing greatness.

Tyson was renowned for his aggression and power that saw him rise to the top of the heavyweight division in dominant fashion. During his career, Tyson defeated the likes of Frank Bruno, Michael Spinks and Larry Holmes via knockout.

Despite walking away from the sport 17 years ago, ‘Iron Mike’ remains active and stays in shape. The former boxer reportedly takes supplements to maintain his fitness in preparation for a surprise return to in-ring action.

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Back in November 2021, Tyson revealed he hoped to fight in February 2022 but the fight never came about amid rumours he was set to face YouTube content creator Logan Paul. The 27-year-old has launched his own professional career and faced Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition clash last summer, and a prospective fight with Tyson could see the duo generate revenue of over £253 million.

During a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Tyson was asked about a potential clash with Paul. He thought about it and said: “Anything is possible but it has got to happen this year, that could be very interesting.

“He is skilled enough and I will give it to him because he is winning. Even if he is fighting fighters that aren't meant to be good enough, they should still be beating him but they can't.

“He is beating people that he shouldn't really be beating so you have to give him credit. He is doing good and he is doing things that are great for boxing. This guy has 7 million people following him every time he fights.”


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