Chris Eubank Jr taunts Conor Benn by eating cake amid weight concerns

‘I was never going to miss out on my birthday cake’: Chris Eubank Jr taunts Conor Benn as he eats two separate desserts for his 33rd birthday and reiterates that he will only need to be at ‘60%’ for their grudge match next month

  • Chris Eubank Jr is due to to face Conor Benn in a grudge match next month
  • There have been concerns about Eubank Jr’s weight cut as he will be fighting down at 157lbs for the first time as a professional
  • Eubank Jr has admitted that he will only be at ‘60%’ as a result of the weight cut
  • However, he believes that is all he will need to beat Benn at the O2 Arena
  • He has filmed himself eating some birthday cake as he prepares for the fight 

Chris Eubank Jr has continued to taunt Conor Benn ahead of their grudge match next month by insisting once more that he only needs to be at ‘60%’ to beat his rival.

Eubank Jr has agreed to take fight on October 8 at a catchweight of 157lbs, and has admitted that dropping below the middleweight limit of 160lbs will lead to him being 40% off his best.

He does not appear to be concerned by this, though. On Sunday, he celebrated his 33rd birthday, and with less than three weeks to go until fight night some may expect him to be sticking to a strict diet. 

Chris Eubank Jr tucked into some birthday cake despite concerns about his weight cut

He continued to taunt Conor Benn by saying he will only need to be at ‘60%’ for their fight

However, he posted a video of himself on his Instagram story tucking into a sizeable meal, and took large bites out of two separate desserts, while his plate had the message ‘60%’ drizzled on it with chocolate sauce.

Looking into the camera, Eubank Jr reiterated the message to Benn, saying: ‘60% baby, 60%.’

He also had a caption which read: ‘You knew I was never going to miss out on my birthday cake @ConorNigel #60percent.’

Ever since the fight was made, Eubank Jr has been adamant that he will have an easy night against his smaller opponent when they face each other at the O2 Arena.

He was seen arriving at KSI’s fight last month with a KFC bucket, indicating that he was not worried about his weight, despite previously admitting that it will be a struggle to make 157lbs.

Eubank Jr and Benn are set to settle their difference at the O2 Arena on October 8

He has also told Benn that he will only abstain from sex for two weeks in the build-up to their fight, whereas he would normally take up to eight weeks for someone he deems to be an elite boxer like Gennady Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez.

Indeed, Eubank Jr already appears to be looking past Benn as he called out Golovkin for a fight in December following his defeat against Canelo on Saturday.

‘GGG you had a great run. Come back down to middleweight & let’s fight for those belts you still have in December or just pass ’em over & I’ll look after them for the next couple years while you enjoy retirement… you earned it champ,’ Eubank Jr wrote on Twitter.

It seems that people around Eubank Jr are more worried about the fight than him as his father, Eubank Sr, threatened to pull him out last week due to fears about his son’s health as a result of his weight cut.

However, Eubank Jr’s promoter Kalle Sauerland has insisted that the fight is ‘absolutely on’, and the Brighton-based boxer appears to have every intention of getting in the ring and trying to beat Benn in emphatic fashion. 

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