David Allen opens up about boxing and mental health

British heavyweight David Allen hopes he can help to inspire more people to feel comfortable enough to talk about their mental health.

Allen makes his return to the ring against Dorian Darch, live on Sky Sports on Saturday, after seven months out following his loss to David Price.

The ‘White Rhino’ has been open about his mental health struggles in the past and says it is now easier for other boxers to come out and talk about their own issues.

“We can all talk [about mental health] and I remember years ago I was one of the first ones,” he told Sky Sports News.

“I pulled out of a show and people asked me: ‘Dave, why did you pull out of the show?’ I was 24 at the time and I was a little unsure and I just said I don’t really feel very well.

“And they said ‘what’s wrong with you?’ I said ‘there is nothing wrong with me physically’. I said, ‘I just don’t feel very well and I don’t feel very happy and I’m having this problem and that problem’.

“At the time, there was an issue with my grandmother. That was becoming an issue, which was making the issue a bigger issue and it was all snowballing and getting worse.

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“But we are getting better at [talking about] it and I think it will continue to get better. I think people will continue because you’ve got the likes of Tyson Fury – real superstars coming out now and talking about it.

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