Ebanie Bridges admits to ‘good boobs’ but slams trolls who say she ‘gets naked’

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Ebanie Bridges has come out fighting after admitting she has "good t**s* and slamming those who claim she "gets naked" during her weigh-ins.

Even though she hails from Australia, Bridges, 35, has become one of the UK's most popular fighters in the last couple of years thanks to her no-nonsense boxing style and her iconic lingerie-loving weigh-ins. Despite her ascent to IBF female bantamweight title holder – achieved earlier this year via success over Maria Cecilia Roman – some trolls still see fit to mock the popular fighter.

But Bridges can hold her own inside and outside of the ring.And in a Twitter rant on Wednesday, she hit back at oafs accusing her of getting "naked" during her weigh-in appearances – also referring to past remarks from old rival Shannon Courtenay.

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"I can't believe people are still complaining & trying to defame me by talking about my looks & that I apparently get 'naked', guys, that's so Shanny 2020 get with the times peeps. My boxing has done the talking, I'm the IBF world champion & I didn't do it naked," she wrote.

She then replied to a fan who suggested trolls were only jealous of her looks, saying: "Lol I get my t*** out cos I wear a bikini in the pool hahaha soz guys I should know, if ur bigger than a A-B cup better put a T-shirt on incase u upset people."

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Bridges went on to issue an impassioned defence of her much-loved weigh-ins, writing: "99% of boxers get their 'clothes off' for a weigh in, men & women, not sure why people still be having such a problem when I do it. plenty of girls looking banging on the scales now 'TAKING THEIR CLOTHES OFF' wearing nice underwear ppl don't complain. Just when I do it. Find it so strange."

Responding to a fan during a reply chain from one of her earlier messages, Bridges showed her trademark lighter side by admitting she has nice boobs, saying: "Tbf they are good t***."

Bridges opened up on her boxing – and her boobs – in a chat with Daily Star Sport earlier this month. "Then they (boxing fans) all want to see me fight," Bridges said while talking about her weigh-ins. "They'll think 's*** can this girl actually fight' and then they will tune in to the fight the next day, then my numbers for the fight rise and then I've got lots of new fans.

"They were never into women's boxing, then suddenly they see this hot chick with big boobs and it's like 'wait can she fight? Oh wait she can, oh my God women's boxing is great' because we always put on an exciting fight. It's all part of it. It's working really well and it will continue."


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