Ebanie Bridges asks Molly McCann ‘do you want to take it in the ring’

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Ebanie Bridges has offered Molly McCann a chance to have it out in the ring following a football feud.

Ebanie Bridges, better known as The Blonde Bomber, was asked for an interview by Molly 'Meatball' McCann at Conor Benn’s victory over Chris van Heerden on Saturday night at the Manchester Arena. She was then asked about Leeds United with the Australian born fighter being an avid Leeds fan and didn't agree with Liverpool born Molly when she suggested Evertonians are a step above Leeds fans.

Molly asked the world champion boxer what it was like being a Leeds United fan in the short interview for iFL TV. Molly asked: "How does it feel to be a Leeds United fan?"

The 35-year-old fan was passionate about how she felt. She replied: "F*****g the best. [We're] the best fans." Although Molly stirred the pot by weighing in with her Everton opinions.

She asked: "They're not better than Evertonians though, are they?" This led to Ebanie asking if the 31-year-old Toffees fan wanted to settle the debate in the ring.

The Blonde Bomber replied: "We s**t on Evertonians." Molly quickly jumped in saying; "F**k off love". Ebanie then extended the offer to settle it in the ring. She said: "Oi, you wanna f*****g take it in the ring, alright?"

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Molly didn't back down and said: "I'll f*****g take it, I've asked her for a spar. I've asked her for a spar." The pair then laughed before Molly moved the conversation on.

People were quick to take to social media following the video being shared by Kugan Cassius, cofounder of iFL TV, shared the video on Twitter. The pair also chimed in, with Molly tweeting: "Ebanie is actually a belter."

Ebanie replied to the video as well, tweeting: "Hahaha this is so good." @UFC21 tweeted: "Two people just living their best life."

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