Ebanie Bridges hits back at online trolls who say she ‘can’t show off her body’

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    Boxing champion Ebanie Bridges has hit back at her online trolls who criticised her for outfit choice at the O2 Arena last weekend.

    The IBF bantamweight world champion was in attendance for Anthony Joshua's fight against Robert Helenius alongside UFC star Conor McGregor and Skye Falzon, sporting a revealing outfit which featured a pair of short shorts and a skimpy crop top.

    Bridges' outfit featured the logo of McGregor's stout brand, 'Forged Irish Stout', which sponsored Joshua's bout against Helenius at the O2. However, some online trolls were less than complimentary about the blonde bombers choice of clothing.

    Appearing on Boxing King Media's YouTube channel, a comment sent to Bridges was read out to the world champion boxer which said: "A current female world champion turning up to an event as a t*** out promo girl, f**** sake, what a support."

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    And the barbed comment led Bridges to issue a staunch reply to the troll in question. "They can think whatever they want," said Bridges.

    "The people that are saying that don't know anything about who we are and what we do and why we do it. They don't know anything, because they're not celebrities, they're not famous.

    "They don't have brands, they don't have things that they're doing so they can say whatever they want but in the end, what they're doing is exactly what we want them to do – talk about us."

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    She continued: "It doesn't matter if you hate us or love us, we're getting talked about and that's where the money is. To say a world champion can't do both or that I can't be a model or pretty or I can't show off my body and I can't do that. Why not? Why not?

    "Do I have to walk around covering up my body and be a stereotype? What's the image I'm supposed to be as a world champion? What, Katie Taylor? I'm not f****** Katie Taylor, I'm Ebanie Bridges, so I'm gonna do me.

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    "I'm gonna do what's right for me and what I think and what I enjoy because guess what, I enjoy doing that kind of stuff."

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