Fans turn on "embarrassing" Tommy Fury for withdrawing from Jake Paul fight

Boxing fans have turned on "embarrassing" Tommy Fury after it was reported that he has withdrawn from his fight with Jake Paul due to a reported illness.

The unbeaten duo were due to meet in Tampa, Florida, on December 18 following months of insults and taunting on social media.

However, reports broke on Monday that the fight is off with Fury coming down with an illness less than two weeks before they were due to meet.

It is understood that Paul's last opponent, Tyron Woodley, will step in for a rematch to fill the void left by Fury's late withdrawal from the event, reports MirrorSport.

After news of his withdrawal broke, boxing fans quickly turned on Fury and took to social media to call him out over the news.

One fan simply wrote on Twitter: "Tommy Fury is embarrassing."

Another added: "Knew Tommy Fury would have pulled out, he simply isn't that good. Everyone seen this coming."

A third fan also mocked the Love Island runner-up as they tweeted: "Hahaha Tommy Furry the biggest p**** going."

Will Tommy Fury and Jake Paul ever meet in the ring after Fury's withdrawal? Let us know in the comments section below.

Several fans also tagged Fury in posts on social media as he was branded a "coward" by some for his decision to pull out of the bout.

Another scathing post from a fan read: "Tommy Fury has lost his a***, knows that Jake Paul would have embarrassed him.

"Realised he's beaten no one, might as well change his name to fumbles anyway, regardless of the fight."

Paul had reportedly included a clause in the fight contract that required Fury to legally change his name to 'Tommy Fumbles' if he was beaten by the YouTuber turned boxer.

Despite the criticism from many fans, some were more understanding of Fury's decision to pull out, with one tweeting: "If Tommy Fury is actually injured then it is smart to pull out.

"Despite the backlash he’ll get you can’t be going into a fight with an injury, definitely when your career is basically on the line."

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