Floyd Mayweather may have 'broken' his hand against Aaron Chalmers

‘I hurt my left hand, bad’: Floyd Mayweather reveals he may have BROKEN a bone during his exhibition showdown against former Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers at the O2 Arena

  • Floyd Mayweather claims he may have broken his hand against Aaron Chalmers 
  • Both men went head-to-head at the O2, with the American dominating the fight
  • The fight was overshadowed due to the lack of fans in attendance at the event  

Floyd Mayweather outclassed former Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers during their exhibition bout at the O2 Arena – but the American revealed he may have come away with a painful injury.

The showdown with the former MMA fighter was Mayweather’s first ever bout in the UK – but the bout was overshadowed due to the significantly low number of fans in attendance.

The ‘Royal Pain’ event was delayed after a poor attendance at the start of proceedings.

Despite the low attendance, the pair eventually went head-to-head – and went the full eight rounds. Even after turning 46 during the week of the fight, the former 50-0 professional boxer showed that age is just a number and would go on to control the exhibition bout.

While Mayweather was unable to land the knockout punch, the American gave the former MMA fighter a boxing lesson – with Chalmers struggling to land a clean blow.

Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers went the full distance in their exhibition showdown

‘Money’ reveals he may have suffered a broken hand in his bout with the former MMA fighter

However, the former five-division champion may have left the O2 with a big injury. During the post-fight press conference, ‘Money’ revealed that he may have broken his hand. 

‘We razzle, we dazzle. I hurt my hand actually. [It was] when I was breaking with the hook. A lot of people don’t know,’ said the American. 

‘When I was breaking with the hook, that’s boxing language, I hurt my left hand, bad.

‘It could be broke. We’re not worried. I’m still able to use the left. You have to use the jab to set everything up. He was tough, he can take everything on the chin.’ 

After Chalmers pushed forward at the start of the first round, ‘Money’ then began to let his hands go a bit more in the second and third round – with the Englishman struggling to return with shots of his own.

During the fight, the 46-year-old had time to dance with the ring girls in between the rounds – while Chalmers was using the time to top up his water levels. The pair would go the full distance – but it was clear that the American dominated proceedings. 

After the fight, ‘Money’ was quick to praise the UK fans for their support and admits that he may fight in England again. 

‘I want to thank all the fans in the UK, it’s unbelievable. It’s up to the fans, if the fans want me to come back then I will come back.’ 

The American revealed after the fight that he may return to the UK for another exhibition fight

Throughout the showdown with Chalmers, ‘Money’ appeared to be enjoying himself

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