Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will have ‘no winner’ as ruling made on knockouts

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Floyd Mayweather's exhibition fight against Logan Paul on Saturday night in Miami will have no judges present, and there will be no official winner declared.

The two will meet at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami in an eight-round exhibition.

The fight has been ridiculed by boxing fans due to the fact Paul has never won a fight as an amateur or professional as a boxer from two attempts.

And now, the ruleset has been revealed, with reports suggesting there will be no official winner for the fight.

According to ESPN, knockdowns will be allowed, but any decision on a stoppage will have to be made by the referee.

Should the fight go the distance, there will be no winner declared.

The rounds will be three minutes long, but the fight has not been commissioned by the Florida State Boxing Commission.

As a result, it cannot be recognised officially as a professional fight, and will not go on either fighter's record.

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The two fighters will wear 12 ounce gloves, and will not have headgear on.

Instead of having an official winner declared, the promotors of the bout confirmed to ESPN that a vote may be taken afterwards to decide a winner.

The fight was unable to be recognised as a professional bout by the FSBC due to the size difference between the two.

Paul, who has fought once as an amateur and once as a professional – both against YouTube rival KSI, a draw as an amateur before a defeat as a professional – weighed in at 199.4lbs for his pro debut.

Mayweather, on the other hand, has fought at welterweight and super-welterweight, weighing in at roughly 147-150lbs during his time as a professional.

Paul goes into the fight as a significant underdog, with many believing Mayweather will only have to use a fraction of his boxing skill in order to beat the social media star.

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