Fury backtracks on his retirement ahead of Dillian Whyte clash

‘I wish I could spend a whole day fighting’: Tyson Fury backtracks on his retirement threat with the Gypsy King insisting he ‘loves every second of it’ as he prepares for next Saturday’s world heavyweight title fight with Dillian Whyte

  • Tyson Fury faces Dillian Whyte in a heavyweight title fight at Wembley next week
  • Fury and Whyte spoke at a press conference after a muted build-up to the bout
  • The Gypsy King dismissed speculation over his future prior to the contest
  • Whyte claims he was ‘not being treated as an equal in this fight’ by Fury’s camp 

Tyson Fury backtracked on his threat to retire after next Saturday’s blockbuster world heavyweight title defence against Dillian Whyte as both men broke the radio silence they had maintained throughout most of the build-up to a record UK boxing crowd of 94,000 at Wembley Stadium.

Pushed to the point about quitting the ring imminently the Gypsy King said: ‘All I’m focused on now is this fight with Dillian. After that I’ll think about the future.’

More significantly he went on to talk about being ‘so excited about my homecoming fight being in front of this fantastic crowd’ and how much he enjoys fighting.

Tyson Fury rejected speculation he may retire after the heavyweight fight with Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte made no apologies for his pre-fight media blackout during the press conference

‘I’m so happy at being paid so well for a job I love to do,’ he added. ‘I’ve had a great career. These are my moments in time and every one of them is precious. They pass by so quickly that when I’m in the ring even a 12 round fight seem to me like only two minutes.

‘I wish I could spend a whole day fighting, a whole day smashing people in the face. That may seem like madness but I love every second of it. I’ve been doing it for 14 unbeaten years and I just keep rolling along.’

No doubt, if he fends off Whyte’s long-awaited challenge for his WBC and lineal world titles, to an even more momentous and enriching super-duper fight for the undisputed heavyweight championship against the winner of this summer’s battle for the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO belts between Anthony Joshua and Olexsandr Usyk.

Fury went on to reveal the unusual way he has been building up ‘even more punching power.’ By playing ‘quite a lot of golf’ during his near-home training camp in Morecambe and ‘driving the ball 400 yards.’ Eat your heart out Tiger.

Fury is returning to fight in England and the bout is expected to draw a record crowd 

The Gypsy King’s last two fights have been against American Deontay Wilder


When it came to assessing the immediate task at hand he said: ‘I don’t have a plan for dealing with Dillian. Great champions wait for the first bell, take a look at what the challenger is bringing to the fight and work out what to do.’ 

Fury had no complaint about Whyte locking himself away in Portugal for weeks and refusing to help him sell the fight. Although famous for his mind game rants at opponents before many previous fights, he says now: ‘Grabbing someone by the throat on a stage doesn’t fill seats or drive the pay-per-view.. We’re adults. Not children any longer. It’s the boxing the fans want to see and I want to give this fantastic crowd the thrills they deserve.’

He then asked the presenter of an international conference call – in which none of those chosen from among hundreds to put the question about US sanctions enacted against Irish boxing mogul Daniel Kinahan – to give Whyte ‘love and kisses and wish him a belated happy birthday from me.’

Whyte made no apology for declining previous promotional appearances. Instead he explained: ‘I wasn’t being treated as an equal in this fight. Tyson is seen as the No 1 heavyweight in the world, the lineal champion and all that. But I don’t dust no-one’s shoes. Now we’ve sorted a few of those things out I’m happy to be here and say how amazing it will be when this kid with no schooling and no background in boxing becomes the undisputed world heavyweight champion.’

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