Fury could ‘murder’ Paul in Saudi showdown as Brit tipped to KO rival

Tommy Fury guarantees he will show up for Jake Paul fight

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Tommy Fury’s sparring partner Jimmy Kelly believes Jake Paul is in for a rough night this weekend. Kelly expects Fury to put on a dominant display this weekend and has tipped the Brit to ‘murder’ his fierce rival.

Paul and Fury finally square off on February 26 at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia after eighteen months of waiting and two failed attempts to make the fight happen. Paul opens up as a slight favourite with the bookies despite having less boxing experience than TNT.

But Kelly is confident that betting companies have got it wrong and backs Fury to get the knockout on fight night. Speaking to Casinos En Ligne, he said: “Tommy has underrated range and reach. He has a massive reach. He has massive shoulders and dead long arms.

“Tyson is the same and uses it to his advantage and Tommy’s doing the same. He’ll feint a lot, use his jab and sidestep. And I think that’s going to murder Jake in my opinion.

“I think Jake will look to slip punches and land an overhand right – but that shot is not going to be there. He’s going to be found falling square all the time. 

“I see Jake looking for that right hand and Tommy moving away from it and eventually when Jake over commits and comes square, I think Tommy jabs, leans back and the right-hand lands when Jake gets over-eager and that’s the shot that will do him. 

“Tommy’s got to be patient over eight rounds but there’s certain times you have got to draw some mistakes from your opponent.

“And I don’t think Jake’s fought somebody who can dominate from range like Tommy. Jake will either drop back and be picked off, or he’s going to try and gamble his way in with overhand rights and he’s going to get caught. I don’t see it as a 50-50 fight.”

Kelly added: “He’s got delusional self-belief and that’s a massive thing. But as soon as you start eating jabs, that evaporates. That could be the argument people are making for Jake, but Tommy has things in his locker he’s not shown before because of his level.

“He’s never had to go to the trenches, he’s never had to show heart or whatnot because his skill has brought him through. The level of his opponents is another factor, but I’ve seen the level in the gym and this fight his level is going to be transferred to the ring.”

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