Fury vs Usyk catastrophe says a lot about the people involved, boxing is circus

In his latest column, former Olympian and heavyweight contender Frazer Clarke reacts to the sensational collapse of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk as he looks ahead to his test against Bogdan Dinu this weekend after Rydell Booker’s withdrawal.

A terrible example for boxing

I hate to say I called it, but all the signs were Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk wouldn’t happen. This was the one for all the marbles, to end all the conversations. They missed it, and it sets a bad example for all of boxing.

It seems the sport has turned into a circus, slowly but surely. There is too much nonsense on social media. I get it, it serves a purpose in terms of generating interest and getting eyes on the sport but if it doesn’t end in the fight getting done, it’s all pointless smoke and mirrors. There is no point in the Instagram talk and call-outs if we don’t get there.

It is not a great look at all. Let’s face it, it is the heavyweight division, the most glamorous in the sport. We want to see the best fight the best. And if it can’t be done because of greed, we are in trouble.

I think there has been cleverness behind one of the parties in them trying their best to put something in the way to make sure the fight doesn’t happen. That is what it looks like from the outside. I don’t know the ins and outs. But someone needed to make a stand to make the fight happen.

I understand Fury is a big character and he does what he wants and he has earned the right to be in control. But fight the man. He is the one who claims to be the best. So let’s see it.

Back in the day, Lennox Lewis went through everyone, no problem. He was a proper undisputed champion. And if we aren’t getting another now because of greed, it says a lot about the individuals involved.

We want to know who is the best of this generation and we don’t have an answer to that question now. People have got their opinions about Anthony Joshua and where he stands.

But guess what, twice he fought Usyk. He lost, but he got in there and did it, despite knowing what a defeat would do to him.

Do Fury and Usyk want to hold onto their legacy and protect it, or do they want to be proven to be the best? I know what I would want to do, I would want to test myself and find out.

A new test against Bogdan Dinu

Fight night for myself is looming on Saturday night in Manchester and I have a new opponent in Bogdan Dinu after Rydell Booker was forced to withdraw due to illness. We only found out on Tuesday – of course it is not ideal but this is professional boxing, this is what happens.

For a minute, it was frustrating. This was the first real camp where we had someone in Rydell who we could do proper analysis on, having a look at what he does well and what he doesn’t do well and develop a plan for how to beat him.

But what will serve me well here in this situation is the experience I have got. Going all the way back to the amateur days there have been different styles, different opponents. So I have used to adjusting.

Is Bogdan a tougher opponent? I would say so. He is experienced, he has been in good fights against tough opponents, giving Kubrat Pulev some good rounds and more recently getting in there with Daniel Dubois.

So I think it is a tougher challenge. I wouldn’t say there is much between them. He is a different threat. Booker was more defensively cunning maybe, setting things up a little more. But with Dinu, he has a good jab and if you let him, he will try do a job on you so it’s my job to stop that.

This week, a different side of myself comes out and it gets to the point where I don’t really care who is in there, I know my job. It is just about getting in there and taking care of whoever is in front of me and that’s where I am at.

New crop of British heavyweights ready to step up

I know it is boring to say but I never look past my next fight and that is God’s honest truth. But the reality is, I am seeing who is fighting around me and how things are going to look.

Solomon Dacres got a good win in Newcastle at the weekend. Fabio Wardley has the British title after that thrilling win over Nathan Gorman and he will have the chance to shine again on the Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin undercard. Johnny Fisher is doing the business, getting another win a couple of weeks ago and of course there is myself.

There is a good little mix and there are some really good fights to be made and I hope they are.

It is time for the new breed, the crop of heavyweights to rise up and make some noise and one of the best ways to do that is to fight each other.

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