Fury's roadmap for next 5 fights – including DOUBLE demolition of AJ

Tyson Fury sets out roadmap for his next five fights – including a DOUBLE demolition of Anthony Joshua – before his plans to retire as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world

  • Tyson Fury has laid out his plans for the next five fights of his impressive career
  • After Deontay Wilder in Vegas, Gypsy King is eyeing Dillian Whyte in December
  • He then says he will fight, and beat, Anthony Joshua twice in March and summer
  • Fury then says Derek Chisora will complete his list of five upcoming fights

Tyson Fury has set out a road map for his next five fights – starting with ‘another annihilation’ of Deontay Wilder in their trinity fight – before he retires as the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

‘I’ve got my bucket list in order,’ says the Gypsy King. It reads like this:

Tyson Fury is preparing for a trilogy fight against American Deontay Wilder on October 9

Wilder (left) drew against Fury in their first bout, before the Brit was victorious in the rematch

‘No problem with any of these bums,’ says Fury. ‘Yes, bums. That’s what I call them in comparison to myself, the best fighter of all time.’

And this what he had to say about each of them on the BT YouTube channel: ‘Wilder, I almost feel sorry for him. Although not that sorry because he stayed silent at the last press conference. Like an idiot. 

‘So for not helping me sell tickets and pay-per-view he should be docked 20 per cent of his purse. The delay in this fight might have been given him time to get over the beating I gave him in our second fight and come in all fired up. 

‘But by the end of the first round in Vegas he will have realised that he’s back where we left off and he’s about to be demolished again. This time in a lot less than seven rounds.

Fury is then eyeing Dillian Whyte (left) before he takes care of Anthony Joshua (right) next year

In a recent interview with Gary Neville, Fury (pictured) vowed to ‘annihilate’ Joshua

Fury’s fight against Joshua (pictured) will be years in the making when it finally takes place

‘Dillian keeps going on about how he deserves a world title shot. Since I haven’t fought in England for a long time and Joshua won’t be ready for December, I’ll fit him in and shut him up. Easy. As long as he doesn’t ask for silly money because he doesn’t really want to fight me.

‘Joshua is just a body-builder while I’m the best heavyweight in the world, the better athlete, the most devastating puncher, the more flamboyant personality, the most handsome. He loses big, twice.

‘Chisora keeps calling me out so it will be fun for me to shut Ol’ Del Boy up once and for all.’

After beating Joshua – twice – Fury says his fifth fight will be against Derek Chisora in Cardiff

Eddie Hearn will be hoping to sort out the last details to set Joshua up against Fury next year

So then, retirement? ‘Well,’ says Fury. ‘For five years. Then I can make one of those big comebacks at the age of 37, to wipe the floor with whoever may be the new heavyweight champion.’

Fury is in exuberant form before setting off from Morecambe for the second half of his training camp in Vegas. He claims he is already four pounds lighter than the 274 pounds he weight for his second fight with Wilder and ‘ready to go right now.’

When asked how he felt about a rump of his critics doubting him on social media he said: ‘They are sheep with sheep’s opinions and the lion king of the jungle isn’t bothered by the opinions of sheep.’

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