Hasim Rahman Jr tells Jake Paul he'd 'get his a** whooped

Hasim Rahman Jr tells Jake Paul he’d ‘get his a** whooped and go back to YouTube’ if they fought… even though their August 6 bout at MSG was axed because he was deemed unable to make the contracted 200lbs weight

  • Jake Paul & Hasim Rahman Jr were scheduled to fight August 6 at MSG
  • The fight was allegedly canceled due to a weight issue pertaining to Rahman Jr.
  • Paul’s promotion group said Rahman Jr. signed a contract to fight at 200lbs
  • Rahman Jr is demanding Paul  ‘put the gloves on’ and stops ‘being scared’

Hasim Rahman Jr. has slammed Jake Paul, urging him to get in the ring with him and ultimately get his ‘a**’ beaten.

Rahman Jr., — son of former two-time heavyweight champion, Hasim — has denied the accusation that the fight was canceled due to not being able to make weight, telling TMZ he ‘absolutely’ could have.

This comes after just admitting, on Sunday, via Instagram, that his body ‘would not let him do it.’ 

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr were scheduled to fight last weekend before the cancellation

The 31-year-old, who has been boxing professionally since 2017, had immense reverence for Paul prior to their professional engagement. Now, things have turned sour.

‘I had a tremendous amount of respect for what he was doing and what he’s done until I got on the inside and now I see how many strings can be pulled.

‘And all this different type of stuff that he tries to do to give himself an advantage and him not really giving a fair shake.’

The Maryland native has vowed to make it his mission to knock Paul out if he gets a chance

Rahman Jr. claims Paul has tried to ‘blackball’ him from the boxing world, reportedly encouraging people not to fight him.

Irrespective of how legitimate those accusations are, the 12-1 fighter only has eyes for Paul.   

 ‘Just stop being scared, Jake. Stop being scared, be a man, put the gloves on. Stop being scared, it’s that simple. ‘

Jake Paul’s team canceled the fight due to Rahman Jr.’s alleged inability to make weight

‘Get in there, get your a** whooped and then go and head back to YouTube.’

Rather than letting the canceled bout fade into the ether, the Baltimore native seems hellbent on getting to Paul inside the square circle. 

‘It would be my goal for him not to see the final bell.  It would be a personal goal…if we ever get in there. 

‘Now given his new antics, if he gets in the ring with me he’s not going to see the final bell.’

Boxing runs in the Rahman family with Jr.’s father, Hasim, a former heavyweight champion

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