‘It’s crazy mate’: Australian heavyweight champion’s home sprayed with bullets

The house of Australian heavyweight boxing champion Justis Huni has been sprayed with bullets in an apparent drive-by shooting in Logan, south of Brisbane.

Nobody was injured but police have been called after at least five bullets entered the living room in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Bullet holes through the front window of Justis Huni’s house.

“It’s crazy mate, absolutely crazy. It makes no sense. Pretty random,” said Huni’s father and trainer, Rocki.

“I’ve got absolutely no idea [if it was targeted]. Those bullet holes went through our loungeroom window. It’s crazy because 4am is about the time my wife [Paula] gets up and sometimes she feeds our granddaughter.

“They would have sat right in the lounge, right on that chair, where the bullets went through.”

It was only when the Hunis saw the bullet holes in the curtains that they realised something was wrong.

“The police didn’t find anything until this morning when Paula got up,” Rocki said.

Justis Huni during his bout with Paul Gallen.Credit:Getty Images

“It’s only when we saw the curtain with all of these bullet holes.

“We had a look through the kitchen – because it’s gone right through the house – the bullets have gone through the wall, so it’s over 10 metres [they have travelled]. It hit right in the centre of the fridge.

“It must have been a semi-automatic, it just went bup-bup-bup-bup.”

Justis Huni is scheduled to hold a sparring session this morning. His father hoped the family hadn’t been targeted because of their involvement in boxing.

“I honestly hope not,” Rocki said. “At the end of the day it’s a sport, I don’t understand why.

“We’re trying to get [Justis] to stay focused.”

Huni’s manager, Dean Lonergan, confirmed there was a crime scene and the family had been instructed not to touch anything before investigations begin.

“There was a drive-by shooting in the Huni neighbourhood at 4am, five shots fired, all five shots are lodged in the Huni family home through the window and into the lounge,” Longergan said.

“Police on the way now and Rocki (Hubni’s father) has been told not to touch anything as the forensic team need to investigate.”

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