Jake Paul calls out ‘b****’ Dana White – and wants £4.2million bet over fight

Jake Paul challenged UFC chief Dana White to a $5million (£4.2m) wager over his boxing bout against Anderson Silva.

The ex-YouTuber recently announced the UFC icon as his next in-ring opponent, following the cancellations of his bouts against Nasim Ahmed Jr and Tommy Fury. While Paul does command a 7-0 record in boxing, he is yet to face a professional boxer or anybody with a sufficient boxing pedigree.

Silva may be best known as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, but he does hold a 5-1 record in the ring and even beat former champion Julio Cesar Chaves Jr last year. And Paul laid down the gauntlet for White to throw his own finances into the occasion with a cheeky bet.

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"No one thought I'd take this fight,” Paul recently said. “Even Dana White did not think I would take this fight.

"And Dana, I know you're watching, bro. You still owe me a million dollars from when you bet against me on Ben Askren.

"I want you to come out of hiding, stop being a b**** and make a bet against me and Anderson, and actually pay up this time. Because you didn't think that I would take this fight.

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“So let's make a bet, let’s put one mil, two mil, five mil on it. But I bet you won’t Dana, because you’re a b****.” Despite his often erratic and outspoken nature, Paul ensured to tell everybody that he is taking the spider exceptionally seriously.

“This is it. This is a make-or-break moment,” Paul recently added. “I know that I have someone who just beat a former world champion boxer in front of me.

"I don’t take him lightly at all. He’s the GOAT of striking, he’s the GOAT of MMA.”

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