Jake Paul exposed by girlfriend Julia Rose for ‘sleeping with baby blanket’

Jake Paul has been exposed by girlfriend Julia Rose for "sleeping with a baby blanket" after the boxer won a prestigious award.

Paul has been joined at the hip with Rose since his rematch with Tyron Woodley last month.

The couple have been spotted courtside at an NBA game, getting intimate in a hot tub over Christmas, and in the popular celebrity holiday spot of Caribbean island St Barts.

Paul has still found time to go back forth in a war of words with UFC boss Dana White, while he has also been named Breakout Boxer of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine.

After Paul received the recognition, Rose posted one of their holidays snaps on social media.

The caption read: "This big ole baby got f***ing boxer of the year (even though he sleeps with a baby blanket)."

The model slightly exaggerated the truth, with the exclusion of 'breakout' implying her partner had beaten Canelo Alvarez to the top award.

Paul has a long way to go for that, but was described as "one of boxing’s biggest attractions" by Sports Illustrated.

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The 24-year-old has eyed a fight with the dominant Mexican down the line, though is yet to fight a conventional boxer in his brief professional career to date.

Nevertheless, he has built up a 5-0 record, with three of his victories coming in 2021 – one against MMA legend Ben Askren and the other two both over Woodley.

Paul himself posted to social media, writing: "Today I'm overwhelmed with many emotions and a deep feeling of gratitude.

"Less than 2 years ago I made my professional debut after having 1 amateur fight that lasted 5 rounds and now today, I won Sports Illustrated Breakout Boxer of the year.

"People laughed in my face and talked s*** in every gym I went to.

"They told me I couldn't become a real boxer because I was a 'YouTuber' and that nobody would take me seriously. I laughed right back."

Paul is currently enjoying a break from the sport and is reportedly eyeing his next bout for July of this year.

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