Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight accused of fix as ‘script’ emerges

Rumours have surfaced suggesting the fight between rivals Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is a fix after a ‘script’ emerged hours before their bout in Saudi Arabia. The pair have already had two cancelled fights amid 18 months of jibing but are set to finally meet for the pay-per-view bout on Sunday night.

YouTube star-turned-boxer Paul turned professional three years ago and has six wins against social media personalities and MMA stars. Paul’s last fight against UFC veteran Anderson Silva attracted rumours that the fight was ‘fixed’.

Some believed that Silva might have taken a dive in the final round resulting in an unanimous decision for Paul. UFC star Paddy Pimblett notably questioned the legitimacy of the fight. However, Silva rubbished those claims.

Just hours before Sunday’s fight a ‘script’ has surfaced online raising suspicions of a ‘fake fight’ between Paul and Fury. The leak states that Paul will enter the ring in a baby outfit to troll his rival.

The ‘script’ continues that after a nervy opening round Fury will dominate the second ‘landing several combinations’. However, it states that Paul will reply in the third and then in the fourth round Fury will ‘have trouble with his left eye’ which starts to swell.

After a doctor is called in to assess Fury in the fifth round the fight is ‘scripted’ to continue through the sixth and seventh rounds. However, the ‘script’ states that Paul will send his opponent to the canvas in the final round and as Fury struggles to regain his feet the fight is stopped.


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Afterwards the ‘script’ states that the pair continue arguing before arranging a re-match in LA. Fans have slammed the leak calling it ‘fake’ and claiming that an eye swelling would be hard to act. Fury has previously addressed baseless rumours that Paul was involved in ‘fight-fixing’ calling them ‘pathetic’.

During an interview with Rob Moore, Fury said: “There’s nothing in my contract for the two previous fights that were scheduled. There was nothing like that. You couldn’t pay me a trillion pounds to take a dive. Money’s not my god. Money’s nice – it makes the world go round, but it’s not everything.”

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