Jake Paul’s sparring team in total agreement when it comes to Ben Askren fight

Jake Paul's crack team of boxing trainers all believe their man will shock the world by beating prize fighter Ben Askren later this month.

Paul, who made his name as a YouTuber, is unbeaten since arriving in the sport.

But the 24-year-old is yet to face anyone of Askren's stature so far, having only achieved victories against fellow YouTuber Deji and NBA star Nate Robinson.

However, Paul has acquired an incredible team of sparring partners – including 18-10 MMA fighter Jake Bostwick, 11-0 light-heavyweight Robin Safar and 20-1 light-heavyweight Ahmed Elbiali.

And the trio are all confident Paul has a bright future as a professional boxer.

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Safar, 28, told the Sun: "He's got good speed and good reactions. He's naturally born with speed, explosiveness and reactions, that's what you're born with.

"I feel like when I sparred him, he was developing his ring IQ, he was trying to think in the ring.

"He's a good kid and he's got ambition for what he's doing, he's determined and I believe anybody can do anything in life, no matter who you are or what your background is.

Elbiali, 30, added: "Jake's athletic and powerful, but you can't compare him to seasoned professionals, there is no comparison.

"He seems relaxed and composed which is really good. He has a great right hand, great right hand, very strong, to the body or head.

"He used his jab well and he listens to BJ well.

"BJ is a good fighter, a good coach, he knows the sport very well and he's passing on a lot of knowledge to Jake too.

"Jake truly, truly, truly, does listen to BJ and he truly does love the sport of boxing and he really believes what he's saying, he's not bulls***ing."

And Bostwick continued: "I believe for sure he's going to shock people.

"Honestly, I think Jake will knock him out within two or three rounds, I really do, 100 per cent.

"I feel like his boxing's going to be way better than Askren's, he's the bigger man, he uses range well. I really think he can knock him out cold for sure.

"With those 10oz gloves, and he boxes how I feel he can, especially by April, I think he can sleep him, cold."

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  • However, Askren isn't believing the hype just yet given the opponents Paul has faced.

    "We haven’t seen anything," he said recently.

    "The level of his competition was so low that it was almost impossible to tell if he is actually good at this.

    "If there is one thing people respect about all fighters it’s the toughness to deal with adversity in battle and we have not seen that out of him.

    "I don’t think he was hit hard by either one of those guys. They were so incredibly terrible at boxing. So we haven’t seen anything out of him yet."

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