John Fury destroys press conference set in mass brawl ahead of Tommy Fury vs KSI

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    Tuesday's pre-fight press conference featuring Tommy Fury, KSI, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis lasted all of 30 minutes before ex-bare knuckle brawler John Fury smashed up the set.

    The four 'fighters' – two professional and two influencers – struggled to keep the promotion on a coherent track as they traded barbs at one another. And it ended up being a non-fighting member of Fury's entourage that forced the event – which was held at Wembley Arena – to be prematurely called to a halt.

    The presser conference was already thrown into slight disarray after Paul – who is scheduled to fight Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Danis in Manchester on October 14 – brought out a giant birthday cake bearing the image of his opponent post-knockout. Tommy Fury – who will face KSI on 'The Prime Card' that same night – was relatively quiet but assured the YouTuber he'd end his unbeaten career in boxing.

    It was around 20 minutes into the event that things really started to descend into chaos, with John Fury – father of WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson – telling the crowd he was 'a machine'. He proceeded to ask the crowd if anyone would question 'who he is' before knocking promotional materials off the set and flipping tables from the stage.

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    KSI took umbrage with his table being tossed and stood up as if to challenge the father of the Fury clan. Meanwhile, Paul stood up on his chair and shouted in support of the hysteria.

    It's perhaps not surprised that 'TNT' was the calmest of all four fighters despite his dad's destruction. The 9-0 fighter – who ended Jake Paul's unbeaten streak when they clashed in February – is perhaps used to such scenes and sat with an incredulous smile before jumping up to have a go at KSI.

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    John could be heard warning Paul 'not to send any cake down this side of the table' after the WWE wrestler first unveiled his present. The tensions only escalated from there, leaving DAZN and other event organisers with little other choice but to call it off.

    Prior to all hell breaking loose, the British social media personality told spectators it would be his preference to fight Fury over six rounds. But Tommy, 24, questioned that view considering he beat Paul over eight round earlier this year.

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    The youngest member of the Fury fighting family also called into question KSI's 'unbeaten' record given his last result. He was initially declared the winner against businessman Joe Fournier via a second-round knockout, only for the result to be declared a no-contest after it was adjudged he'd used his elbow for the deciding blow.

    With only seven weeks and change to go before the four all square off on the same card, it's fair to say a little more grace and decorum may be required if they're to properly promote the event. It would also be understandable if a certain elder Fury was barred from taking part in any more media duties.

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