Joshua shamed as Fury explains what his lawyer has seen

Tyson Fury reveals what he’s offered Anthony Joshua

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Tyson Fury has declared that he has more respect for Deontay Wilder than Anthony Joshua. The Gypsy King claims Joshua’s ego got in the way of their all-British showdown taking place and believes the same thing happened when he was set to face Wilder in 2018.

Four years ago, when Wilder and Joshua were at the peak of their powers and in possession of all four major sanctioning body belts, Wilder’s team were said to have approached AJ’s with a £45million ($50million) offer. Shelly Finkel, who manages Wilder said at the time that the deal was against 50 per cent of the event revenue, meaning Joshua would make no less than that figure regardless of the fight’s profits.

If the event made £89million ($100million) as Finkel anticipated, then Joshua would be in for an increased payday. While if it made less than £45million ($50million) Wilder’s team would shoulder the burden.

However, the bout never came to fruition and Fury claims his lawyers have seen all the documents for the favourable deal.

“We all know Joshua wouldn’t fight Wilder for $50 million back in the day,” Fury told SecondsOut. “We all knew that. My lawyer has seen the money, the $50 million from [Wilder’s advisor] Al Haymon. That was real. Yeah. And he s*** himself yet again. He has never fought somebody who is going to beat him.

“I’ll tell you what else they can’t do, these control freaks. They can’t go on someone else’s show because their ego is too big. This was not Joshua versus Fury, because Fury does not have three losses. This was Fury-Joshua, and it was all my show. So, for them to turn up with their … ego and play ball and be the opponent, they’re not going to do it. They wouldn’t do it for the $50 million against Wilder to go to America and fight Wilder as a Wilder versus Joshua show.”

Fury and Wilder’s compelling trilogy ended with a final score sheet of 2-0-1 in favour of the Mancunian. After a controversial draw in their inaugural encounter, Fury came back and stopped the American in back-to-back outings.

Despite everything they had been through, the pair still have an utter disdain for each other but there is respect there – at least from Fury’s side.

“So, me and Deontay proved, even though we don’t like each other, and we have no love lost, and he’s accused me of a million things, bull**** things—the one thing I can say about Deontay is the man’s got balls,” Fury said. “And not only did he not sign for a 60-40 [split] in the third fight, he took me to f****** court to get that fight. He didn’t run away. He paid millions of dollars—well, I did, I lost (in court), so I had to pay his car fee—so I had to pay millions of dollars for him so this little mother***** could fight me.

“And then you’ve got this other big sausage (Joshua) here, he’s got a contract on his table, willing to fight him, and he didn’t sign it. But Wilder has gone to court, arbitration, lawsuits, in American court, to make me fight. Now you tell me about men. One man’s potentially risking losing millions of dollars to make the fight and one man’s running from millions of dollars. Different, different men. Different men completely.” 

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