Logan Paul appears on open-top bus outside Watford Asda – no one understands it

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Logan Paul stunned onlookers by arriving at an Asda store in Watford today.

Hundreds of fans flocked to the supermarket to see YouTubers KSI and Paul, with traffic piling up around the town. Pictures surfaced on social media of Paul waving to fans on top of a red double-decker bus. And users could not just get their head around why he was there.

One plainly stated: "Never thought I'd see Logan Paul outside an Asda." Another said: "Logan Paul is currently at my local Asda and that's so f***ing strange to me." A third wrote: "Just saw Logan Paul lead an army outside of an Asda. What a time to be alive." A further poster expressed her annoyance at the hassle of the disruption: "Did my food shop and there was a load of annoying teens just sat outside the entrance of Asda the whole time, just now finding out it's bc of Logan Paul and KSI showed up on a rooftop bus wtf is this s***."

The two famous faces were there to launch their new Prime energy drink. News of the promotion had Watford in gridlock traffic, however. The Watford Observer report the duo arrived on a red open-top bus at around 4.30pm, which was an hour later than planned. Build-up and word-of-mouth sent fans and the crowd wild.

The two spoke on a microphone before throwing down free cans of their drink. They then left after 10 minutes. YouTuber and singer KSI, who was born and grew up in Watford, said he would be with former rival Paul – with whom he had boxing matches in 2018 and 2019 – to promote the new drink.

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The Asda car park was filled with fervent fans from around 2.30pm and the large numbers resulted in chaos. A Hertfordshire police spokesperson said: "Police were called at around 3.30pm today (Friday 17 June) to reports that a large crowd had gathered in the Colne Way area of Watford, causing disruption to the surrounding road network.

"Officers are currently on scene and road closures have had to be put in place as a safety measure. One person is reported to have been struck by a vehicle and is receiving treatment from the ambulance service."

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