Mayweather's exhibition bout with MMA star confirmed for September

Floyd Mayweather’s bout with little-known MMA and YouTube star Mikuru Asakura confirmed for September 25 in Japan… ending hopes of potential rematch with Conor McGregor

  • A date has been announced for Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming exhibition bout 
  • He will fight MMA and YouTube star Mikuru Asakura next month in Japan 
  • Mayweather has had three exhibitions bout to date since his 2017 retirement 

Floyd Mayweather’s next exhibition bout against MMA fighter and YouTuber Mikuru Asakura has been confirmed to take place on September 25 in Japan.

A press conference was held in June to announce the fight, which will be Mayweather’s fourth exhibition bout since he retired in 2017.

It was confirmed on Wednesday that the undefeated boxing star will now take on Asakura, a former two-division champion in MMA, inside the Saitama Super Arena in just under four weeks time.

Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring on September 25 against Mikuru Asakura

The fight against the MMA and YouTube star will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan

Prior to the fight being announced in June, there had been speculation that Mayweather could step back in the ring against former opponents Manny Pacquiao or Conor McGregor.

Confirmation that the fight with Asakura will go ahead, ends hopes of a dream rematch with McGregor – who was the last fighter Mayweather fought professionally back in 2017.  

Asakura though joins Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, YouTube personality Logan Paul and boxer Don Moore to face Mayweather in an exhibition bout since his retirement.

McGregor defeated Nasukawa, though his bouts with both Paul and Moore both went the distance and ended as draws due to them being non-scored bouts.

‘My legacy is already engraved in stone,’ Mayweather said in his June press conference.

‘But it’s still great just to go around the world and entertain people from all walks of life.

‘I’m pretty sure he’s gonna come out and give his best, like any and every guy, but I’ve seen every style, so, my job is just to go out there, be me, have fun and do what I do best.

‘September we’re going to have fun and entertain people. I’m Floyd Mayweather to him. He’s just another opponent to me.’

Asakura holds a 16-3 MMA record going into his first boxing bout against Mayweather

Mayweather has had three exhibition bouts since he retired from boxing back in 2017

Asakura, meanwhile has no boxing experience, while his MMA record currently reads 16-3.

But speaking ahead of his latest challenge, he said: ‘I’m an MMA fighter but I’m going to use this opportunity and I’m going to use him to raise my name and my value internationally. I will win this fight.’

Asakura has a following on YouTube of over 2.7million followers, and recently shared a video titled: ‘Manny Pacquiao Teaches Mikuru Asakura How to Beat Mayweather.’

The confirmed fight with Asakura ends speculation that he could have a rematch with Conor McGregor

Mayweather though holds a 50-0 undefeated record, with his last professional fight coming against McGregor in August 2017.

There had been reports earlier this year that Mayweather and McGregor had been discussing a rematch.

McGregor, who has not fought in almost a year since suffering a horrific broken leg in his defeat to Dustin Poirier, shared a picture of his clash with Mayweather on Instagram in June – which increased speculation that they could square off one more time.

Alongside the now deleted picture, he wrote: ‘I accept.’

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