Mike Tyson breaks down how he'd attack Tyson Fury in a fight

‘I’d be aggressive’: Mike Tyson breaks down how he’d ‘attack’ Tyson Fury if the pair could fight at the peak of their powers while Brit insists: ‘I’d beat any man born from their mother… I’m the greatest from any generation’

  • Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury have discussed how a fight would go between them
  • Former world champion Tyson is viewed as one of the best heavyweights ever
  • Fury is the current No 1 and insisted he’d beat any fighter from any generation 

Mike Tyson has explained how he’d approach a dream fight against Tyson Fury if the pair came head to head at the peak of their powers.

Tyson was a fearsome destroyer in his early days and captured the imagination of millions around the world during his rollercoaster career before bowing out in 2005.

He remains the youngest man to ever become a heavyweight champion to this day and is still revered as one of the most explosive punchers to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

Mike Tyson’s explained how he’d ‘attack’ Tyson Fury if they fought at the peak of their powers

Fury is current No 1 and spoke together with Tyson how a fight between them would pan out

Tyson Fury, meanwhile, is writing his own legacy after becoming a two-time world champion earlier this year by demolishing Deontay Wilder.

But what would happen if the two giants of the sport were to collide? Tyson explained how he’d aggressively attack Fury as the pair discussed how a super-fight between them would pan out.

Speaking to Ring Magazine, Tyson said: ‘Against someone of Tyson Fury’s size, you’ve got to be aggressive, move your head and be elusive because if you stand still against a man that size, you’re an easy target.

Tyson is revered as one of the hardest hitting heavyweights ever to lace up a pair of gloves



Fights: 56

Wins: 50

KOs: 44

Defeats: 6

Draws: 0

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5′ 10″ / 178cm

Reach: 71″ / 180cm


Fights: 31

Wins: 30

KOs: 21

Defeats: 0

Draws: 1

Stance Orthodox/ Switch Hitter

Height: 6′ 9″ / 206cm

Reach: 85″ / 216cm

‘You need to attack, use angles and stay away from his punching distance. You need to be close, but you can’t stay at a distance that allows the bigger fighter to get off.’ 

Tyson was trained to harness the power of his mind by Cus D’Amato and gave an insight into how he would have handled going up against someone like Fury, who is over a foot taller than him.

He added: ‘A lot of people don’t understand that size and style isn’t the most important thing in the ring; it’s the morale of a fighter that leads to victory,’ he adds. ‘His determination, his will to win, his desire is what makes him a champion.

‘But at my best, I thought I was the greatest fighter from Achilles, through the Art of War, since the beginning of God, since the beginning of time – I was invincible.

Fury insisted he doesn’t think any fighter from any generation would be able to beat him

‘And if there are other fighters out there that don’t think that way, then they have a problem.’

When Fury was asked how a blockbuster showdown between the pair would go down, he said: ‘I don’t like to pit myself against boxing heroes in a virtual reality fight, because I find it disrespectful.

‘But my answer is that I’ll beat any man born from his mother. I just wouldn’t say that directly about any of the heroes from the past. But, deep down, I don’t believe that any fighter from the past can beat me.

‘I think I’m the greatest fighter that’s ever lived – from any generation.’  

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