Patrick Day: Eddie Hearn reacts as boxer hospitalised following ‘horrendous’ knockout

Eddie Hearn has sent his well wishes to Patrick Day after the light-middleweight was sent to hospital on a stretcher following his knockout loss to Charles Conwell.

Hearn could not give any updates as to Day’s condition but called the situation ‘horrendous’.

Day was losing his bout with Conwell and was stopped in the final round after a slew of vicious punches from his opponent.

Day was immediately stretchered out of the ring and transported to a local hospital where, as ESPN report, he is in a coma after having emergency brain surgery.

Hearn spoke about Day’s current situation and confirmed that all updates will come from Day’s promoter Lou DiBella..

“Firstly, both guys are promoted by Lou DiBella so I’ve spoken to him  and he will give everyone updates because I don’t have the first-hand situation,” he told iFL TV.  

“It’s not good. Obviously he was knocked unconscious int he last round of the fight and he was stretchered out into an ambulance really quickly.

“I followed him to the ambulance and he was still unconscious, went to the hospital with his corner team and his promoters, we’re all praying for him.

“It’s a distressing situation, I’m sure there will be more updates int he next 24 hours from DiBella. I’ve seen some reports but my last conversation with Lou that comments will be made by them.

“I don’t want to speculate but he’s extremely unwell. It’s horrendous.

“I met him for the first time at the presser on Thursday.

“I had such a lovely conversation with him, he’s such a lovely man and everybody who’s talked about Patrick Day say what a lovely man he is.

“It’s just a horrific situation, the last seconds of the round he was trying to win the fight, he was behind on the cards, he didn’t stop trying the whole fight.

“My thoughts are with Patrick Day, his family, with Charles Conwell, with Lou DiBella, I’m just praying for him.”

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