Paul and Woodley agree to rematch but only if ex-UFC star gets tattoo

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley agree to rematch after YouTube star won Cleveland contest via split decision victory… but only if the ex-UFC champion gets a tattoo of his opponent first! 

  • Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in their cruiserweight bout on Sunday night
  • Paul won via split decision but Woodley was adamant that he won the contest 
  • The ex-UFC champion, angered by the result, immediately demanded a rematch 
  • Paul agreed to a second fight but only if Woodley gets a ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley shook on a rematch of their boxing clash after the former won via split decision – but only if the former UFC fighter gets a tattoo of the YouTube star.

Streaming star Paul, 24, claimed his third professional victory in the boxing community after the scorecard of their Cleveland clash read 77-75 75-77 78-74 in the YouTuber’s favour. 

Woodley, however, was furious with the decision to hand Paul the win, especially after the 39-year-old sent his opponent crashing into the ropes off balance in round four, which was not deemed a knock down by the judges. 

Jake Paul (right) and Tyron Woodley (left) agreed to a rematch if the ex-UFC star gets a tattoo of the former

Paul beat Woodley in their bout via split decision on Sunday in his hometown of Cleveland

The former UFC welterweight champion now needs to get a tattoo saying ‘I Love Jake Paul’ in a pre-arranged agreement between the two fighters, with the YouTuber claiming this is now a pre-requisite in order to gain a rematch Woodley desires.

A livid Woodley said in his pre-match interview: ‘Round two is going to be bigger. I thought I won the fight. 

‘The fact one judge gave me two rounds? F*** the (Tommy) Fury fight, let’s run that one again. Fury’s won’t get the paper views we did.

Woodley (left) was livid that he was not scored better after sending Paul flying into the ropes

‘The ropes held him up, I landed more power shots. He landed clean shots but he had heavy hands. I didn’t hit the ground. Let’s run it back.’ 

Paul initially refused the chance to be embroiled in talks over a rematch, stating: ‘Of course he wants the pay day, you had your opportunity.’ 

The streaming star’s brother, fellow YouTuber Logan who was at the Cleveland showdown, added: ‘You’re old news, you had your chance.’ 

But Woodley responded to Paul: ‘You’re the one that got wobbled, if those ropes weren’t seven foot two, you would have gone through them.’

The ex-UFC champion now has to get a tattoo saying ‘I Love Jake Paul’ after his loss

Paul, backed by brother Logan (left), will agree to a rematch of Woodley gets the tattoo

Suddenly, Paul changed his tune, replying: ‘If you get the tattoo, let’s run it back.’

The pair then shook hands on the agreement which raises the potential of another clash between these two fighters after a close-run first fight. 

The 24-year-old is now unbeaten in three professional fights and four overall. His first amateur clash saw him beat British YouTuber AnEnsonGib, former basketball star Nate Robinson and UFC duo Ben Askren and Woodley. 

Paul was heavily linked with a fight with former Love Island star Tommy Fury, the younger half-brother of heavyweight icon Tyson, after the 22-year-old won his fight against Anthony Taylor in the undercard for Paul’s fight.

Paul was linked with a fight with Tommy Fury (left) who won his undercard fight on Sunday

But the 24-year-old hinted at a break from the sport before arranging the terms for a Woodley rematch. 

When asked about a potential Fury fight, Paul said: ‘We’ll see. I’ve been boxing for 18 months now. I haven’t been to the dentist, I haven’t got my hair cut in two years. My teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked. 

‘I might need to chill out for a second, I’m only 24. I’m changing and growing a lot, I’m making mistakes. I’m going to get back to the gym when I’m ready. I didn’t fight my best tonight. I gave myself a C minus.’

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