POWELL: Mutual hatred means Khan vs Brook will be a fight of the ages

JEFF POWELL: Amir Khan and Kell Brook spewed poison at each other as their mutual hatred, jealousy, resentment and disgust came pouring out. Their Manchester battle promises to be a fight for the ages

  • Sworn enemies Amir Khan and Kell Brook will finally face each other in the ring 
  • A combination of hatred, jealousy, resentment and disgust exists between them 
  • The two men have entered training and will at last meet in the ring in February 
  • Khan taunted Brook about his humiliating defeat to Terence Crawford 

They say styles make fights. Try hatred, jealousy, resentment and disgust leading to fear and loathing in Manchester on February 19.

The first public reaction to Amir Khan and Kell Brook ‘Finally’ agreeing to get it on has been of two good old guys stepping outside the back door of the bar to settle seven years of difference.

The more poison they spewed at each other in the normally august environs of London’s Hilton hotel on Monday the clearer it became that this promises to be a fight for the ages, not the aged.

At least as far as British boxing is concerned.

Sworn enemies Amir Khan and Kell Brook will finally face each other in the ring next year

They came face to face after five months of acrimonious negotiating by their teams and Brook promptly planted his forehead into Khan’s nose.

The King of Bolton reacted by shoving Sheffield’s Special 0ne across the stage with both hands.

‘I’ve never had anyone dislike me so much,’ said Khan. ‘Now I want to punch him in the face.’

Said Brook: ‘I want to hit him right now. He’s lied about why he kept me ducking me so long. Hatred is a strong word but I despise him.

Khan got heated during the press conference as Brook snarled back at his enemy as the anger and resentment was laid bare for all to see

Venom was served up as the two sides gave one another a piece of their mind on Monday

‘I would have gone to my grave irritated and angry if I’d not smashed him to the ground. ‘

So disgusted that he has agreed to fines of six figures for every 16 ounces he might scale over the 149 pound catch weight limit set between Khan’s winning of the unified world light-middleweight title and Brook’s former welterweight championship.

There is often promotional sabre rattling before big fights but this is for real.

So aggravated was the contractual wrangling that Brook, having conceded A-side billing and the thick end of the multi-million pound purse, said: ‘This makes it a down and dirty scrap in the pub car park. ‘

Khan the silver Olympian mocked him in reply: ‘What real professional says that? I will school him at boxing as I did when we sparred in the amateurs.’

Brook: ‘I’m knocking you spark out.’ Khan: ‘You won’t last the 12 rounds ‘

That was standard stuff. But Brook added: ‘You’re delusional and the proof is you ran from me all these years and now you’re just a delusional celebrity.’

Khan v Brook (pictured) was a British blockbuster which looked like it would never take place

Khan: ‘That’s why you resent me so much. You’re jealous of all I’ve achieved and so bitter. All that emotion will be your downfall.’

Brook: ‘I’ll force you into us going at each other like mad from the start and your chin won’t take it.’

Khan: ‘you keep getting knocked out and I lasted longer than you against Terence Crawford.‘

That was a reference to the great American who hammered Brook in four rounds last year, while Khan has not fought for two years.

By training with Crawford in the US starting later this week Khan expects it ‘to be so tough there that will be no ring rust left long before we get to Manchester. ‘

Both men squared up before shoves were exchanged on the main stage in front of the cameras

Brook is 35, Khan becomes so next week. Both make the point that at 34 Crawford is one of the pound for pound top three fighters in the world and insist their long delayed showdown is still relevant to the fans to whom each is dedicating the fight.

Brook: ‘it’s still as big as it ever was.‘

Khan: ‘We will sell out Manchester Arena and sell big on pay-per-view.’

They are probably right.

Khan v Brook will be promoted by Boxxer live on Sky Sports Box Office on Saturday February 19

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