Simon Jordan shuts down Eddie Hearn’s boxing fight offer with ‘Wizard of Oz’ dig

TalkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan has accused Eddie Hearn and his "gang of refugees from the Wizard of Oz" of trying to deflect away from controversy after the promoter challenged him to a charity fight.

The outspoken Jordan has been scathing in his assessment of Hearn and his Matchroom colleagues following the doping saga surrounding Conor Benn, whose fight with Chris Eubank Jr was scrapped amid his failed drug test. The former Crystal Palace owner labelled Hearn a "coward" for his handling of the matter, and publicly asked the promoter to come onto the station to speak on the matter.

Hearn, 43, hit back by making an offer to Jordan on iFL TV, saying his nemesis had suffered "a fall from grace" and adding: “I think we should have a fight. I reckon he can’t fight at all, I can’t fight – I think it’d be unbelievable. We’ll do it for charity, then we’ll have a debate after. I’ve got a broken finger, but I’ll still fight."

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Hearn later seemingly cemented that claim with a high score on a punching machine, but Jordan, 55, was left deeply unimpressed by Hearn's behaviour. Speaking on the talkSPORTWhite and Jordan Show, he ranted: “I’m seeing Eddie Hearn and his little gang of refugees from the Wizard of Oz that work for him, that are making facetious comments about me, or about my propensity to ask questions.

"Or my lack of knowledge what businesses I may own, or what colour my hair may be, and who may have met me twenty years ago. None of it being relevant, all of it being a distraction leading up to some ridiculous scenario of where I’m apparently going to have a charity fight with Eddie Hearn and spit bucket Frank Smith is gonna come along and have a go as well.

"It’s nonsense. It’s crap. It’s deflection. It’s trying to demean and deride and deflect away from the central [issue]. I’m not 12 years of age. I’m not going to have a fight with Eddie Hearn. I’m not trying to be controversial. I’m not trying to be divisive."

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Hearn and rival promoter Frank Warren have been regular guests on the station over the years, with both clashing over the failed negotiations between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. But Hearn hasn't yet spoken on talkSPORT since the saga over Benn, although the promoter has insisted he – and not Jordan – will decide when the time is right.

“I’m not just here to give Simon Jordan views," he continued. "I think he does an incredible job, Simon Jordan, he’s fantastic. I mean, it’s a sad fall from grace but I think he’s, on the whole, a very good disc jockey. You follow protocol, you follow the governing body, and you wait for them to make a decision.

"Again, I think Simon Jordan is outstanding at what he does, and I’m sure at some point I’ll be on the show – in my time, not his time. What, I want to go on there and blow up the views for TalkSPORT by getting quizzed by a bloke that is the King of Hypocrisy? Not particularly.”


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