Tim Tszyu-Stevie Spark: Michael Zerafa thanked then forgotten by boxers

Stevie Spark spoke about a dream he’s had.

The one where he’d fight Tim Tszyu one day, pull off a remarkable upset and become the new face of Australian boxing.

“I’ve been dreaming about this,” Spark said. “I’ve always had an inkling I’d fight Tim, it’s maybe fate how it’s all fallen into place but I’ve always felt it would happen.

“It would mean the absolute world to me. I’m looking to cause the biggest upset here, this would set my family up financially, this would set myself up in the boxing world.

Steve Spark plans to shock the Australian boxing world by defeating Tim Tszyu in Newcastle. Photo by Shane Myers.Source:Supplied

“It’s about making it a reality, dreams are dreams until they’re made a reality, I’m looking to go out there and make it a reality against Tim.

“I’m so glad Michael Zerafa pulled out, as much as everyone is bashing him I’m glad he did. Thank you Michael Zerafa, it’s been great, you’ve set me up, mate.”

But like the 18 opponents he’s has already beaten in his professional career, Tszyu plans to turn this experience into a nightmare for the sparkly-eyed Spark on Wednesday night.

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“It’s good to have dreams,” Tszyu said. “It’s good to have belief. It’s good to have vision.

“But once we get into the ring, all of that disappears, and you get into my territory, you get into my zone, you get into my cage.

“And there’s only thing that happens; the hope, the soul, everything gets taken away. And I’m in control.

“This is my home, and when he steps in the ring it only ends in one thing.”

Painters replace Michael Zerafa on the mural to promote the upcoming fight between Tim Tszyu and Zerafa’s replacement, Steve Spark. Picture: Con Chronis/GettySource:Getty Images

Just seven days after Zerafa withdrew from what was to be Australia’s biggest grudge match of 2021, the courageous Spark will step into the ring against Tszyu at Newcastle Entertainment Centre, believing his destiny is to tear up the script.

“I’m stepping up two weight divisions, I’m stepping up in class, but I’m doing this for legacy,” Spark said.

“I’m doing this for something to leave behind, something the fans can talk about for years after I’ve retired, they can talk about Steven Spark and that I never shied away from a challenge, I never shied away from no one.

“I want that to be known to everyone. I’ve never shied away from a fight, and I’ve always wanted to give the fans the fights.

“There’s no need for me and Tim to sit here and bash into each other and disrespect.

Stevie Spark’s dreams have become reality. Picture: Kevin FarmerSource:News Regional Media

“We’re probably two of the nicest blokes in Australian boxing, but everyone knows when me and Tim step into the ring we do mean business, and we go in to hurt our opponent, and it’s all love after.

“It is a serious business, you can get very hurt in this game. But there’s no need to bash on each other.

“That’s why I believe I’ve got the media attention I have, is because I’m the breath of fresh air Australia never knew they needed.

“It’s nice to see opponents treat each other with respect and treat the sport with respect.”

Tszyu (18-0, 14KO) has boxing royalty lineage and is close to a world title fight while Spark (12-1, 11KO) still pulls beers at a Toowoomba bowling club for $25 an hour to subside his meagre ring earnings.

Tim Tszyu crushed Dennis Hogan in his last bout. Picture: Cameron Spencer/GettySource:Getty Images

But he’ll pocket $100,000 for fighting Tszyu for the Commonwealth super-welterweight title on Wednesday.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t back myself, I’m here to win this fight and I’m here to dethrone the face of Australian boxing,” Spark said.

“I do this for the fans, that’s why I did jump in and take this at the last minute. If you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen, that’s referring to myself, to Tim, to No Limit.

“When you want something bad enough you’ll go ahead and make it happen, unlike some other fighters who aren’t willing to do that.”

We know who he was talking about.

Tszyu said: “Michael who?

“Thank you to [Spark] for stepping up at such late notice, but this is business for me, we’re not friends yet.

“I’ve got one thing on my mind, that’s to take him out, by any means possible.

“I’m in it to take this guy out.”

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