Time for Tommy Fury and Jake Paul to repay the sport they claim to love

In his latest column, former Olympian and heavyweight contender Frazer Clarke explains what boxing must do next following the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury obsession and reacts to the WBC’s findings into Conor Benn.

Still doubts over Fury despite win

Over the last few years, I think Jake Paul has done a great job bringing more eyes to boxing. But Tommy Fury beating him on Sunday night was good for the sport.

If anything, I would have liked Tommy to have done a proper job on him, just to let people know there is a big difference in the levels in this game.

Tommy boxed well enough but I would have liked him to really push for the stoppage, landing big shots just to underline that he is at the other end of the scale.

If Jake Paul got smashed to pieces from the opening bell, it would have proven the point many people were making that this was bonkers to begin with, that it was a complete mismatch.

But in not doing that and having to settle for the split decision, it has left that little bit of doubt in people’s minds. Getting put on his backside didn’t help that either. So while he got the win, there will still be that bit of doubt around Tommy now.

Tommy is good but he’s no killer. Keep fighting YouTubers

For Tommy, he is one of these fighters now. Yes, he might be professional but he is going to have to fight in these sort of fights going forward against YouTubers or influencers who just aren’t very good. He is not going to want go back now and box in York Hall in front of 500, 600 people. How are you going to get yourself up for that?

He needs a KSI, or another YouTuber or maybe even Logan Paul. He has earned a good few quid from this and today I think he will have come to the realisation, “if I can get away with this and still be called a professional boxer, earning this type of money, I’m set”. If he has got any sense about him, he will stay in that lane.

That was the easiest road anyone in boxing history has had to making that kind of money. That was the easiest fight someone has ever made that money in. And also for Paul, it was the easiest fight he has ever made that amount of money in.

Tommy is good, but he is no killer. He knows what he is doing to an extent but you would worry chucking him in against an English champion.

Now time for Paul and Fury to repay boxing

Because of the money they are making and because it has all been a bit of a WWE-style farce, I still believe both these men should be doing something for the amateur and grassroots system in each of their countries.

Tommy here in the UK should make a nice donation to a local boxing club and Jake in the US should be doing the same. Because that is the real bread and butter of the sport that they are claiming to be involved in. And those places need a helping end.

It is a message that should be got out not just to the fighters, but everyone who was involved the other night. The promoters, the broadcasters, the journalists, the media who showed it so much attention.

I hope to God in the next few weeks, they pop down and invest some time in a small hall boxing show, or an amateur show, and really support it. Because without that, none of these big shows ever happen.

Anyone who tuned into watch the fight, covered the fight and enjoyed the occasion, get yourself to a small hall show, interview a few of these kids and make their day. Let’s broadcast them and get behind the grassroots level in the UK.

My reaction to WBC’s Conor Benn ruling

The WBC’s decision on Conor Benn last week hasn’t really helped anyone here. In doing this, the WBC have made a rod for their own back here, which I fear is somewhere they don’t want to be.

They have made their decision, Conor obviously maintains he is innocent. It just makes you question everything. If the boxing public are a little bit confused as to what the rules are regarding anti-doping, they will be no clearer now. More sanctioning bodies will probably go this way now, if one goes the rest usually follow.

But if you can find a loophole, it is going to be a big problem going forward for a lot more fighters who might test positive. They can turn around and say they’ve had 60 eggs a day.

I know Conor and I wouldn’t like to see anyone’s career turned upside down but if you are cheating, then that is how it has to be. I just don’t want to see it being so easy for drug cheats to get back into the sport, backed with copious amounts of money, without facing the severe punishment.

Benn could still return to stardom

In my eyes, Conor was stepping into super stardom heading in to the Chris Eubank Jr fight. And I’m sure that is frustrating for him, and its frustrating for me as a boxing fan.

I wasn’t just looking forward to Benn vs Eubank Jr, I thought whether he won or lost, he would be set for huge things. And considering what Liam Smith did to Eubank Jr, he had a great chance of winning. We were excited to see him going forward.

But this isn’t just a little something in the road you need to navigate, this is massive. It is about what is right and wrong with sport. It is the safety of others. And in a way, I’m also upset because it might mean we don’t see the best of Conor moving forward now because this has been such a big deal and a big saga in his career.

The one thing Conor has in his favour as he has possibly the best promoter in the world. If there is anyone to get you back to being the superstar and converting people, Mr Eddie Hearn is the voice to do that. He can convince us water is wine.

It will take time but he has the people around him at hand to make him the superstar we backed him to be. It might not be as good as we all thought but they will do their best to get him back up there.

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