Tommy Fury insists 'invincible' brother Tyson will 'easily' beat AJ

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tyson will easily beat Anthony Joshua… even Deontay Wilder could knock out AJ!’: Tommy Fury insists his ‘invincible’ brother will have no problems winning boxing’s mouthwatering Battle of Britain

  • Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are expected to face off later this year
  • Tyson’s younger brother Tommy asserts it will be the ‘easiest fight’ of his career
  • The 21-year-old boxer revealed his fondest memories are training with Tyson
  • Tommy confessed to having similar mental health struggles to his brother
  • He also dismissed celebrity boxers as ‘school kids’ who need a ‘right hand on their chops’

Former Love Island star Tommy Fury has predicted that his ‘invincible’ brother, Tyson, will dismantle Anthony Joshua in a historic unification bout. 

In a revealing interview with MailOnline, the 21-year-old boxer declared it will be the ‘easiest fight’ of The Gypsy King’s career, while claiming Tyson’s former opponent, Deontay Wilder, could also finish AJ. 

Tommy – who has amassed a 4-0 record at light heavyweight – also disclosed how his own mental health struggles have motivated his burgeoning career and why he disapproves of celebrities becoming boxers. 

‘It’s definitely going to be a good fight but I’ve always said, from day one, it will be his easiest fight and I have no doubt about that,’ Tommy said of the legendary Brit vs Brit showdown. 

‘Joshua is tailor-made for Tyson, what a great build up it’s going to be and what a great fight.’ 

Tyson, 32, battled his way to the summit of the heavyweight division with a rematch TKO victory against Deontay Wilder in February 2020. 

The WBC and lineal heavyweight champion faced adversity when he first collided with Wilder two years earlier. A right hook from The Bronze Bomber sent him crashing to the canvas, but Fury was able to rise from the brink of defeat and deliver an impeccable performance, sealing the draw verdict. 

The 21-year-old claims his ‘invincible’ brother Tyson Fury will ‘easily’ beat Anthony Joshua

Tommy Fury believes Deontay Wilder could beat Joshua (above) in two or three rounds

When asked if a fight against Joshua, 31, would be easier then Tyson’s American adversary, Tommy said: ‘Yes by a mile, Wilder would have knocked out Joshua within two or three rounds. 

‘I know it’s heavyweight boxing and you can never say never, but there is nothing in that fight against Joshua that worries me for Tyson, especially like the Tyson I’ve seen now. He can walk through walls, he’s invincible and it’s going to take some man to beat him and I haven’t seen him being born yet.

‘To beat Tyson, you’re going to have to kill him. The only way you’re beating him is if you knock him out cold and he’s already been hit by the biggest puncher that’s ever lived, so how’s Joshua going to do it? He isn’t, so I think it’s going to be a very easy night for him.’ 

According to Tommy, the British boxer is over-hyped as he referenced his first and only loss to Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019. 

He said: ‘He is what he is, he’s a master salesman, he looks good, he talks well, he’s a walking billboard. He’s the perfect role model, but that’s no good when it comes to fighting. You’ve got to throw that out the window, it’s not about who’s got a better smile, it’s who can fight the best and I know for a fact that is Tyson.  

‘I’ll never knock a man while he’s down as it’s something we all wish to never go through, but I’ve just seen certain things [weaknesses] in that fight that against Ruiz Jr which I’ve never seen in Tyson.’

Tyson drew against Wilder in 2018 but went on to finish him by TKO two years later

Tommy expressed his admiration for his older brother and confirmed Tyson is always in his corner encouraging his boxing career.

‘He’s very supportive, he’s always there to lend a hand and he’s always very helpful, he’s the best fighter in the world,’ he added. 

‘And for me who’s trying to be in that position, what better role model for me. He’s living my dream, he’s truly the best.’

On whether they’ve sparred in the past, the former reality star joked: ‘Yes, whenever I wanted a trip to the Royal Infirmary! We’ve sparred many, many times, but obviously with him being seven foot and me being six foot, he takes it a bit easy on me! But he’s great to have on hand.   

‘When training first got serious, it was in Warrington, we would go to a little gym there and I remember that was close to the first time I ever really boxed. 

‘I remember getting in the ring with him and he showed me how to land body punches using the pads. They’re the best memories I’ve got in boxing because it was just happy days.’

He added: ‘Tyson’s always training, he’s never out of camp. He’s a proper professional and he keeps his weight down, even when fights haven’t being announced, he’s still in the gym training hard.’ 

The Gypsy King has candidly discussed his mental health battles in the past, which have been both a help and a hindrance for his boxing career. 

Tommy has amassed a 4-0 record at light heavyweight and first began training with his brother

Tommy reflected on his family’s mental health struggles and confessed he suffers from similar negative thoughts and emotions. 

He said: ‘In my family, it’s something that we all deal with on different levels. Tyson has talked about his mental health, he went to the pits of hell with his and came back and he’s on the top of the world again.

‘For me personally, I do have moments here and there but it’s how you channel it, and whenever I feel down or depressed, I just go in the gym and take everything out of my head.

‘Every time I do that I feel relieved and good and better about myself. I’m privileged to be be able to do that as my living and have a way to get rid of my stress.’ 

Despite skyrocketing to fame on the 2019 series of Love Island, the professional boxer admitted he is skeptical of other celebrities who decide to take the plunge and enter the ring.

Tommy continued: ‘To me, I think it’s a load of school kids running around until they get a slap up the ear. It’s like calling yourself a basketball player if you can bounce a ball up and down. Once they get a full right hand on their chops, they’ll go crying to their mother and father. 

He called celebrity boxers (pictured Jake Paul) ‘school kids’ who will ‘go crying’ if they ever feel a clean right hand

‘They’re just school kids in my eyes, they’re not the type of people who are trying everyday to make a living out of it. Chuck them in with some lions and they’ll put their tale between their legs and get running. 

‘I don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff, I’m here to fight real men and go down in history. I’m not one of those fame hungry people who fights for money, I’m not interested in that.’  

In the run-up to his next fight in February. Tommy has teamed up with Holland & Barrett to promote their PE Sports Nutrition range.

The product line includes pre-workout powder, BCAA powders and whey formula, which he credits for improving his training and recovery. 

He added: ‘I love the vanilla protein, it replenishes me after every single session, after I’m fatigued from doing weights, and running. Also when I’m cutting weight, it’s the best thing to have because I don’t want to be having a meal late at night.’ 

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