Tommy Fury ‘withdraws’ from Jake Paul fight just days before bout

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Tommy Fury is said to have pulled out of his blockbuster showdown with bitter rival Jake Paul just 12 days before they were due to clash in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The younger brother of heavyweight king Tyson Fury was set to make his mark on boxing scene with a PPV contest against the former YouTube star.

However, according to sources in the United States, the 22-year-old has withdrawn from the fight which was booked in for next weekend.

The younger Fury is said to have been struck down by injury just days before the bout, with Paul set to take part in a rematch with a familiar face.

YouTuber news reporter KEEMSTAR, first posted the rumours that the fight was not going to take place, adding that Tyron Woodley could step in and get his rematch.

With official confirmation expected to come later on Monday, it remains to be seen what Fury will do with his career in 2022.

Both men were set to put their unbeaten records on the line, with Fury going 7-0 with his win over Anthony Taylor on Paul's recent card.

Jake had beaten Woodley in what was his fourth professional bout back in August following wins over Nate Robinson and Ben Askren.

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"Talking doesn't win fights," Tommy said last week.

"I'm not engaged in all this because I don't care. I'm not using Instagram because I don't care.

"When he jumps through the ropes he will realise that I'm not a YouTuber."

Paul had said: “I will TKO him in the later rounds. He hasn’t had a fight past four rounds so I think he’ll be gassed.

"I think this will be the first time he’s getting punched in the face by someone who can actually hit and is the same weight as him.

"He’s always fought smaller guys with losing records. So I think he’s going to fade. I know he’s going to fade.

"It’s just what round? Fifth? Sixth? Seventh? Maybe I knock him out in the last ten seconds of the eighth."

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