Tyson Fury had Deontay Wilder insult on his stool during heavyweight showdown

Tyson Fury appears fresh and unscathed backstage

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Tyson Fury engaged in a war of words with Deontay Wilder before their unmissable trilogy showdown on Sunday morning and the Gypsy King even continued the mind games in his corner by sporting a picture of his American rival on his stool during the epic encounter. The Brit reigned supreme in Las Vegas after an epic modern day classic to retain his WBC world heavyweight and Ring Magazine world titles.

Fury had to dig deep to beat the Bronze Bomber after climbing off the canvas twice in this 11-round thriller at the MGM Grand Arena.

The Gyspy King was dropped twice in the fourth round of the contest but bounced back to eventually secure a stoppage victory in the 11th, after previously flooring his opponent in the third and 10th rounds respectively.

It was a legacy-defining fight that lived up to all expectations, especially after a week of sensational promotion in Sin City, where tensions threatened to boil over on several occasions.

Fury has regularly taunted Wilder throughout their rivalry by calling him ‘a big dosser’, with the 33-year-old always one to divulge into the dark depths of mind games.

And he even had the words emblazoned on a stool he used, which also had a picture of Wilder’s face on it. Not just any face, either.

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It was the face Wilder made when Fury beat him previously, in February 2020, where he triumphed in the seventh round.

And it seemed to give Fury the extra motivation he needed, especially with the Alabaman putting up such strong resistance.

At the end of the contest, the Brit called Wilder ‘an idiot’ and a ‘sore loser’ after the Bronze Bomber refused to share a moment of respect with him following their battle.

Fury told BT Sport: “I just said to him ‘well done’ and he said ‘I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect.’

“I just said ‘no problem.’

“He’s a sore loser and idiot. Do you know what, to be a top fighting man you’ve got to show guts and respect.

“He couldn’t do that tonight and that was it. 100 per cent [would have been nice for him to say well done] but it’s up to him.

“I’m just thankful, we get out of the fight in one piece and we go home to our lovely families.”

Fury is now adamant he is the greatest heavyweight of the modern era as he claimed his second victory over Wilder.

He added: “I’m now the greatest heavyweight of my era, without a doubt. No.1, numero uno. Look what I’ve done.

“I’ve came to America my last six fights and fought the most devastating puncher in the history of our sport.

“Not once, not twice, but three times. Danger, danger man.

“I was made for this s**t. Made for it. Proved time and time again, that I can never be written off.

“I can never be beat until I’m down and out.

“I didn’t have my best performance, but I pulled it out of the bag when it needed to be done.”

David Haye, who previously backed Wilder for the win, was working at the fight for BT Sport he feels Fury ‘did exactly what he needed to do’ in order to emerge from the contest victorious.

“He did exactly what he needed to do,” he said.

“He was fighting a different person tonight and he adjusted accordingly, he took his licks and got back up.

“It was a great performance, the guy had a massive punch with 41 knockouts. He took that knockout punch on the button and got back up.

“I thought if Wilder had his right hand then it would have been enough to keep Fury down.”

“The problem was Wilder didn’t have that technique to put clusters of them together and really hurt Fury.”

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