Tyson Fury to snub Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz rematch

Tyson Fury will not make the trip to Las Vegas this weekend to watch Deontay Wilder take on Luis Ortiz for a second time.

The Gypsy King has a rematch with Wilder scheduled for next February, but has chosen not to watch his rival in action this weekend.

Although Ben Davison, Fury's trainer, will be in attendance to see if he can notice any flaws in the Bronze Bomber's game.

"I’m going over there because if I can see one thing, and pick up just one thing that I didn’t see and haven’t seen while watching hours upon hours upon hours of him, then it’s worth it," he told Boxing Social .

"In this game 1% can make a difference. The margin of errors are so small, so for me to go over there [is important]. I could have just flown over there on the Friday and watched the fight but I also want to watch the media workout, see if I can see something, and like I say if I can spot one thing it’s worth it."

Fury was involved in a controversial draw with Wilder last year, but Davison says a rematch will go ahead provided the various parties can reach an agreement.

He said: "To my knowledge, yes (it will go ahead). What date and what this and what that, that’s not my job. That’s the broadcasters and the promoters and the management. I just get told that’s the date and that’s that, we organise training and the rest of it."

Since their first bout almost a year ago Fury has seen off two more opponents but also delved into the wrestling world and is now training for an MMA contest.

And when pressed for a reason why Fury has decided not to follow him to the MGM Grand, Davison joked: "I couldn’t tell you that he’s not doing anything like that because you never know. He could be doing a skydive, you never know. He’s a very unpredictable guy."

Wilder, whose only blip was his draw with Fury, is looking to beat Ortiz for a second time, but Davison reckons the fight could go either way early on.

He added: "In regards to the fight, I think Ortiz – although he’s obviously older now than when they fought the first time – I think he’ll still be very reactive for the first three or four rounds.

"But as we always say, if Wilder lands flush in the first 10 seconds or the last 10 seconds, he can more than likely end the fight. So it’s an interesting one."

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