Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder: Boxing's big names make their predictions

FURY V WILDER PREDICTIONS: Joshua insists ‘obsessed’ Bronze Bomber will win by KO, Tyson believes Gypsy King has his rival’s ‘number’ while Bellew can’t separate them… so what are boxing’s other big names saying?

  • Tyson Fury puts his WBC belt on the line against Deontay Wilder on Saturday
  • The heavyweight rivals square up for third time at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
  • Sportsmail provides you with fight predictions from the big names in boxing 

Tyson Fury puts his WBC belt on the line as his hotly-anticipated trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder has finally arrived.

The heavyweight rivals square up for a third time at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night in what promises to be a blockbuster bout.

The Gypsy King dismantled the Bronze Bomber in an emphatic seventh-round stoppage win in the pair’s rematch in February last year following their controversial draw in 2018. 

Fury was on the verge of an historic all-British undisputed £200million showdown against Anthony Joshua earlier this summer before an American arbitrator ruled he must face Wilder again. 

Tyson Fury’s (left) hotly-anticipated trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder has finally arrived

The heavyweight division has since been blown wide open after Joshua lost his WBA, WBO and IBF belts to Oleksandr Usyk, putting the brakes on Fury’s five-fight plan, which included a double-header against his British rival starting in March next year.

The winner of this weekend’s match-up will still likely go on to fight for the undisputed crown, though who that will be against remains to be seen, with Joshua insisting he will take the contractually agreed rematch against the Ukrainian, most likely in February or March 2022.

Wilder, who offered a barrage of excuses following his defeat by Fury, is now being trained by Malik Scott and is vowing to deliver a devastating knockout, which he nearly delivered in their first fight only to see Fury somehow rise from the dead.

Here, Sportsmail brings you all the big fight predictions from the sport’s stellar names ahead of Saturday night’s epic heavyweight showdown.

‘I’m not too bothered. Look, because you’ve asked the question, let’s go with Wilder because he seems obsessed, like he really wants it.

‘He seems really focused on the task ahead, so, you know, a focused man is a dangerous man and he’s focused. 

‘Wilder might get the decision. Actually, no, it has to be a knockout.’

Prediction: Deontay Wilder win 

Heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua is backing the American to come out on top in Las Vegas

Frank Warren

‘You can’t change this guy [Wilder],’ he told talkSPORT. ‘You’re not going to turn him into a boxer, he’s too old.

‘We know he’s dangerous and I think it’s exciting… the only way he can beat Tyson Fury is to knock him over, he’s not going to outbox him.

‘I think from the first round he’s going to try and put it on him. That’s the only chance he’s got and if he does that it also plays into Tyson’s hands as we saw in the last fight.

‘Tyson going forward and throwing bombs as well – Tyson’s got a good chin. If it’s a shootout, I’d still back Tyson.’

Prediction: Tyson Fury win 

Frank Bruno 

‘Wilder is a very dangerous and hard puncher,’ he said.

‘Don’t get stupid because this guy’s got pure power but nothing else. 

‘I think Tyson’s got it under control. Tyson Fury will knock him out.

‘Tyson Fury is much better than people give him credit for. He could go on a night out, get up in the morning and fight 20 rounds because that’s how he’s built. 

‘He’s got more determination, more character.’ 

Prediction: Tyson Fury win 

British boxing icon Frank Bruno (left) expects Fury to overcome Wilder for a second time

Tim Witherspoon

‘You know Tyson’s coming out to fight, but we have to wait for Deontay Wilder, we’ve got to see what he looks like in the first 20 to 30 seconds of the fight.

‘I’m not making a prediction on the winner because Wilder could take you out at any point with his right hand. If they worked on his left side, if it was busy and strong, the right hand could take Fury out.

‘But I don’t think they worked on that, just hitting the pads. So the fight could turn out the same as the last time.

‘I do believe in the first 30 seconds we’ll know who’s going to win the fight.’

Prediction: Too tough to call

David Haye

‘Everybody is completely writing off Wilder for this third fight,’ he told talkSPORT. ‘I haven’t spoken to anybody who thinks he has a shot in this fight. I don’t see it that way.

‘I’ve seen Fury not preparing like he did the second time around. Three-week training camp for a fight of this magnitude? Maybe there’s some over-confidence.

‘He is so supremely confident from the second fight, he thinks he can roll into this third fight and it’ll be a home run.’

Prediction: Too tough to call

Mike Tyson

‘You know, Deontay Wilder has nothing to be sad about or nothing to complain about, he’s fought great fights… I just think Tyson Fury has his number,’ he told BBN.

‘Deontay Wilder should go all out for five or six rounds. If you catch him, you catch him. Go all out, win or lose.’

Prediction: Tyson Fury win 

Mike Tyson believes Gypsy King will come out on top against the Bronze Bomber on Saturday

Oleksandr Usyk

‘I will definitely watch,’ he told DAZN.

‘I don’t think too much about who wins. It will be a good fight.

‘Don’t write Deontay Wilder off since he always has the knockout punch.

‘I will watch it for sure and I am curious who wins. I will fight with whoever holds the last belt. I don’t care if it is Wilder or Fury.

‘I am not good at making predictions. The only prediction I give you is that I’ll have a fantastic dinner tonight.’

Prediction: Too tough to call

Tony Bellew feels that the bout could go either way due to Wilder’s punching power

Tony Bellew

‘I do think Wilder has a big chance in the fight,’ he told talkSPORT. ‘The closer it draws the more I worry for Tyson Fury.

‘Tyson Fury should win this fight nine times out of 10 but there’s always that one out of 10 chance that he’s got and with the punch (Wilder’s) got he’s definitely in the fight.

‘You can never ever write him off, he’s very dangerous. 

‘I’m not sure with Fury’s mindset going into this fight, purely based on how the second fight went. Is he going to be overconfident? Will he overlook Deontay Wilder? I don’t think he will but he does tend to switch off in fights, Tyson Fury and he’s not the hardest person to hit – we’ve seen him have to get up off the floor on numerous occasions.

‘I think on Saturday night this could be another occasion where he has to get off the floor. 

‘I don’t think Deontay Wilder will be as naive as he was in that first fight where he allows him to survive heavy knockdowns like he did.’

Prediction: Too tough to call 


Fury to win by decision/technical decision: 11/4

Fury to win by KO/TKO or DQ: 10/11

Wilder to win by decision/technical decision: 19/1

Wilder to win by KO/TKO or DQ: 13/5

Draw or technical draw: 22/1

*Odds courtesy of Betfair 

Eddie Hearn

‘There’s a couple of things I’m not sure about heading into this fight,’ he told talkSPORT. ‘Obviously, the Covid situation; [did Fury have] Covid? Was it the camp situation wasn’t going great?  

‘I don’t think Fury is as well-prepared as he was going into [fight] number two. I’m not sure he needs to be 100 per cent to beat him. 

‘I just think he’s got to stay sharp, he’s got to stay switched on, but I see him winning the fight on points. 

‘I think he’ll cruise through. He’ll frustrate Wilder. It’s just a weird atmosphere out there without any Brits. First time around, the crowd was probably 80 or 90 per cent British. It’s not going to be that busy. You saw the PR activities, it’s a bit flat. I just don’t know who that will favour.

‘I do think Tyson Fury is the big favourite in the fight and fingers crossed, he gets the business done.’

Prediction: Tyson Fury win

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has thrown his support behind Fury for trilogy fight in the US

Wladimir Klitschko

‘Fury is going to win on points or he’s going to get knocked out,’ he told talkSPORT.

‘It’s 50:50 and it depends on what kind of mental state Fury is in because that also reflects his physical shape.

‘We know in my rematch, that didn’t happen. He got into cocaine and other issues. There seems to be some unstableness with discipline and we don’t know. It’s like a gamble, you throw the dice and you just observe what is going to come up.

‘So we don’t know what mental shape Fury is going to be and in a certain way, I wish he is going to win.’

Prediction: Too tough to call

TOTAL: Tyson Fury win – 4Deontay Wilder win – 1, Too tough to call – 5

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