Tyson Fury vows to 'smash in Deontay Wilder's face for a second time'

Tyson Fury vows to ‘smash in Deontay Wilder’s face for a second time’ in huge trilogy fight next month as British heavyweight star goes shirtless for Los Angeles press conference

  • Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder shared press conference stage on Tuesday 
  • Heavyweight duo are to fight in massive trilogy showdown in Las Vegas 
  • Fury admitted ‘Bronze Bomber’ could hit him just once and it could be over
  • He added that this is a ‘far harder fight than that dosser of a body builder’ 

Tyson Fury is vowing to ‘smash in Deontay Wilder’s face for the second time’ in their world heavyweight championship trilogy fight in Las Vegas next month.

Not for the WBC title, not to add to the $70 million dollars he banked in the past year, not for the glory, not for his legacy.

But out of respect for ‘the biggest and most dangerous puncher in the history of boxing’ so as to knock him out first ‘in one or two rounds.’ Oh, and by the way: ‘Because I enjoy doing my job, which is a privilege at this difficult time when so many people are sadly losing theirs.’ 

Tyson Fury was shirtless for his press conference with Deontay Wilder on Tuesday

Here in the City of the Angels the Gypsy King was in devilish mood as he launched the big sell for his legally enforced second rematch with America’s Bronze Bomber in Sin City on July 24.

Fury was at his most mischievous when asked what he had done differently in training for his third encounter with Wilder, replying: ‘I’m increasing the number of times I w*** every day. 

‘I did it seven times before I knocked him in out second fight in seven rounds. Now I’ve upped it to ten to make sure I stop him even earlier.’ 

And what about all the insults and accusations of cheating Wilder sent his way by social media? Although he teased Wilder by saying ‘I have friends in high places so he has nowhere to hide, 

Fury adds: ‘He doesn’t get under my skin.

The British star faced off against his familiar foe Wilder on stage in California 

Wilder was not particularly forthcoming during Tuesday’s press conference 

Nor does it stop me respecting him as a world heavyweight champion who successfully defended his title ten times.

‘I believe I can smash him again but I know that if he hits me perfectly just once it could be over, curtains, good night.

‘I got up twice after he hit me in our first fight but that doesn’t mean I now know I can take every shot from the heaviest puncher of all time. I’ve felt his power. if he catches me spot on just once in 36 minutes. I would never underestimate any opponent, least of all this.’ 

So as well as pleasuring himself more frequently, Fury says he has trained like a pedigree racehorse for what he calls: ‘A far tougher fight than that dosser of a pumped up body builder Anthony Joshua could ever give me That’s why the best dieticians, the best physical trainers, the best boxing men have been training me like I’m Secretariat that great American thoroughbred.

‘Training harder than ever before to put weight on, not take off, this time.. I’m up to 298 lbs right now and I want to be over 300 by the 24th.’ 

Clearly, as well as the body, the mind games are working over time too. A key tool for Tyson, as he says: ‘Deontay isn’t intelligent enough to be better than me. But this is heavyweight boxing and anything can happen. I feel fantastic. 

‘I believe that the Gypsy King is now the best boxer ever to pull on gloves. I think I’m unbeatable but it doesn’t turn out that I win so be it.

The heavyweights will fight for the third time in their huge clash in Las Vegas next month

‘I would just move on to the next fight. Because fighting is what this Gypsy King was born to do. It brings me alive. 

‘I haven’t liked being out 18 months but so has Deontay. And I’ve got the experience of being out three years the previous time and he hasn’t. He doesn’t know how he will cope with that. I do.

‘I’m in a place now where what’s most important is waking up happy every morning. That and fighting. Not the belts. Not the money. Not the fame because that disappears as soon as you stop boxing. 

‘I will just keep fighting until I can fight no more. That’s what we do.’ 

Fury was talking prior to the media launch of the fight. He and and Wilder had not spoken to each other, let alone been in the same room together, since their first rematch in February last year.

Both said they would refuse to speak to each other on stage. Wilder was as good as his word, arriving late and only taking off his head-phones to make a short statement thanking God and his team and adding: ‘Time to stop talking and chop off his head. There will bloodshed’

When he refused to listen to questions, never mind answer them, Fury mocked him by speaking for him. ‘

Fury, who had revealed his plan to go from

elusive to all out offence in Fight 11, came up with a simpler prediction this time :‘I’m

Going to an 18-wheeler running over a human being. ‘

A few jibes and jests from the bare chested Fury later they engaged in one of the longest stare downs on record, over five minutes before Wilder put his dark glasses back on.’

*Fury v Wilder will be televised live on BT Sports pay-per-view late on Saturday night July 24.

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