Tyson Fury’s crazy diet ahead of Whyte fight – including black pudding

It’s the biggest boxing event on the British sporting calendar so far this year, as WBC World Champion Tyson Fury gets set to defend his title against fellow Brit, Dillian Whyte on Saturday, April 23.

The two heavyweights are due to duke it out in the massive Wembley Stadium, where a sellout 94,000 person crowd will be present to soak up every blow.

The two fighters have taken very different approaches in the build-up – Fury has adopted his usual medley of mind games and videos – while Whyte has been almost silent.

As part of his public-facing build-up, Fury has given an insight into his diet ahead of the clash. Whyte meanwhile has been quiet on the matter, keeping his eating habits out of public view in the approach to the fight.

Tyson Fury's pre-fight diet

Tyson Fury may not look like the archetypal professional athlete, but the WBC Champ is said to be as disciplined as any other when it comes to getting fighting fit.

Speaking with theDaily Mail ahead of Fury’s bout with Whyte, Tyson’s nutritionist gave away some of the secrets of the fighter’s preparation.

George Lockhart first started working with Fury ahead of his second fight in the trilogy with Deontay Wilder, which saw him snatch the WBC belt after a split draw in their first meeting.

He said: “He'll joke about a lot of things, but I'll tell you Tyson has one of the strongest understandings of nutrition of any of the athletes I've worked with”.

Lockhart is responsible for Fury’s diet, a gatekeeper for everything he eats. He’s been responsible for feeding the whole entourage, including Tyson’s father John and his brother Tommy.

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Fury has lost a huge amount of weight over the years, with an eight-week training camp ahead of his fight with Whyte the latest of his gruelling fitness regimes.

According to Lockhart, breakfast is served at 8am and lunch at 12, followed by a snack at 3pm – all squeezed in around Fury’s two training sessions per day. His final meal of the day comes in at 6pm. There are no days off.

He likens the idea of a cheat day to putting poor quality fuel in a sports car, something that should simply be avoided.

Fury eats between 3,200 and 3,400 calories per day which sounds surprisingly low given how big and active the boxer is.

His breakfast consists of eggs with potatoes fried in olive oil imported directly from Greece and something nutritious like avocado and some black pudding. This dish is high in iron and protein and one that Lockhart says is great for the body.

He’ll also have a greek yoghurt loaded with fruit like raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

A great dish for the gut it is something that Lockhart has apparently given to every fighter he has worked with.

Fury will try and have one meal with salmon every day – often this is at lunch, which is a lot more varied than breakfast is. He might have this with rice and salsa.

The Gypsy King is also said to be a big fan of a simple British fish and chips, which Lockhart will make for him and his crew.

American Lockhart will also try to ensure Tyson eats one meal with red meat in per day as it is good for building and maintaining strength and is more nutrient-dense than chicken.

One example of his evening meal is an eight-hour slow-cooked BBQ brisket with pickled cabbage.

This is a high salt diet, but Lockhart said: “Tyson’s sweating constantly and he’s drinking a tonne of water.

“What people don’t realise is that drinking a lot of water is the best way to dehydrate someone. It flushes out the nutrients. Your body wants to stay in a constant state of homeostasis.

“A lot of people look at salt as a really bad thing. Your body needs salt to contract the nerve endings. They need potassium, they need sodium.”

To wash it all down, fury likes a coffee, six litres of water and four specialist shakes.

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