Tyson Fury's father worried Wilder could win trilogy as he SLAMS Arum

Tyson Fury’s father John SLAMS Bob Arum over Deontay Wilder trilogy bout and questions whether the Gypsy King will get a fair fight in America… as he reveals he told his son to FORGET the belt and fight AJ anyway, with real concerns both men could lose

  • Tyson Fury’s father has slammed Bob Arum over the Deontay Wilder trilogy bout 
  • Fury had been scheduled to fight Anthony Joshua for the undisputed crown 
  • But Wilder’s team won an arbitration hearing stating he had a right to a third bout
  • John Fury insists the arbitration could have been sorted back in December
  • And he has legitimate concerns both Fury and Joshua will lose their next fights 

Tyson Fury’s father John has slammed his son’s American promoter Bob Arum for failing to deal with Deontay Wilder’s appeal for a trilogy bout, revealing he has genuine concerns it could be the American who comes out on top. 

Fury had been scheduled to fight Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on August 14 for the undisputed heavyweight crown, in perhaps the biggest fight in British boxing history. 

Those plans were dismantled seemingly in the blink of an eye, however, as an arbitration panel ruled that Fury must fight the ‘Bronze Bomber’ for a third time.  

Tyson Fury’s father John is ‘appalled’ by Bob Arum’s (right)  handing of the Deontay Wilder bout

Fury will complete his trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder on July 24 in Las Vegas

Swiftly after the announcement of Wilder’s successful appeal, Fury’s British promoter Frank Warren told Sportsmail that talks were underway to reach an eight-figure settlement that would see Wilder step aside. 

However, Arum spoke on the contrary, telling ESPN that they would not hand Wilder a pay-off, and would instead fight Joshua at a later date. 

He even indicated that Top Rank had reserved the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for Fury vs Wilder III on July 24, which is now the official date and venue.  

John Fury has now stated that he has been disgusted by Arum’s handling of the situation. 

‘[Tyson has] 20,000 yes men around him,’ he said in an interview with BT Sport. ‘This is what happens when you get to the top; there’s a lot of leaches out there, a lot of hangers on. 

‘You can see what’s happening in America with him – appalling work to be honest with you.

He added: ‘It’s diabolical isn’t it. You’re geared up to fight one man, and all of a sudden on the 11th hour it’s all sorted in 24 hours.

‘He’s signing contracts in a whole other boxing venue. They’re around him like locust. I’m thinking to myself ‘how can think straight’.’  

Though insisting it’s the Gypsy King’s team who are to blame, Fury believes his son is making the wrong decision in agreeing to fight Wilder once more, insisting he should have taken on Joshua regardless, even without his WBC belt.   

‘He can blame his team, no one else,’ he said. ‘Anything rushed is no good and that’s been rushed. He was fighting AJ; I wanted him to fight AJ – I had no interest in Deontay Wilder.

‘I told him in a phone conversation to chuck the belt in the bin, let him [Wilder] have it and fight AJ on August 14 as was planned.’

Wilder has stepped up his preparations for Fury the guidance of new coach Malik Scott

Mandatory challenger Oleksandr Usyk will likely be Anthony Joshua’s next opponent

Complacency is a recipe for disaster in boxing, as seen in Joshua’s initial shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019. 

And it’s now a real concern for Fury, who believes both Wilder and Joshua’s likely opponent Oleksandr Usyk have significant chances of prevailing in their respective bouts, also questioning whether Tyson will have a fair shot in America.  

‘I’m concerned whether Tyson can raise his game for Wilder,’ he said. ‘Whether he gets complacent, makes a mistake. It’s got a good chance of going wrong out there.’

‘The danger point is getting fair play out there,’ he added. ‘At the minute, the American boxing fraternity has been embarrassed from the last escapade.

‘Why wouldn’t you take a $20million step-aside without fighting and a guaranteed shot at the winner, when you’re fighting for a lot less money and you’re risking getting your skull caved in again.

‘It doesn’t make sense, so obviously the powers that be in America are involved, they’re calling the shots and trapped them both.’

He continued: ‘Both men could get beat. AJ could get beat and so could Tyson, because both men could get complacent, thinking about the other and all of a sudden you’re doing something else.

‘They’re geared up to fight, the biggest fight in history. Now we have two warm-up fights in between.’

John Fury has refuted Eddie Hearn’s (right) claims that they never wanted the undisputed fight

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn claimed Fury and his team never wanted the undisputed fight in the first place, a sentiment John has dismissed. 

However, he does question why the arbitration was not sorted in December.  

‘Everybody seems to be doing as Bob Arum says,’ he said. ‘It’s not cricket is it? I mean no harm to Bob, he’s probably got his intentions right.

‘But it’s all about money. All this is benefiting the Americans, because they never wanted the Saudi fight.

He added:’This arbitration could have been squashed in December, but they didn’t – they ran out of time. Why didn’t they squash it when they knew this big fight was happening?

‘I could rattle on about this all day, but the public know, they’re not fools. What can I say about it? Total garbage.’

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