Virgo explains what Fury said that sparked ringside brawl – EXCLUSIVE

Idris Virgo has called for a fight with Tommy Fury after their heated back and forth at the KSI vs Joe Fournier event on Saturday. The pair nearly came to blows as they were wrestled apart by security shortly after the conclusion of Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor’s main card bout.

Footage shows both men exchanging words at ringside before Fury stood up and pushed Virgo. Exactly what was said to spark the altercation is unclear, although Virgo has given his recollection of the events.

He told Express Sport: “It was crazy, I went there obviously to support KSI. My plan was to jump in the ring if Salt Papi won against Anthony Taylor but that didn’t happen. As I made my way to ringside and walked past Tommy and his dad, Tommy said, ‘I’ve seen what you’ve been doing, I want to fight you next’ and I go ‘What do you mean you want to fight me next?’ then he was like ‘I’ll fight you outside I don’t mind’.

“And then it just escalated from there and I said, ‘at the end of the day, KSI will knock you out if you want to fight after that I will fight you’. It’s a bit weird because Molly Mae [Hague] (Fury’s girlfriend) blocked me on Instagram a while back and I’ve never met her before either, so he clearly had a problem before this.”

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Tommy’s father John Fury told Express Sport on Wednesday that his son will happily fight Virgo if it makes ‘business sense’ and pulls in the required numbers to gain their attention. In response, Virgo added: “Fair play to John, I 100 per cent agree with what he is saying and I think it will make business sense with our backgrounds in Love Island.

“It’s just weird that me and Tommy are in the position because Tommy wouldn’t be where he is without me. John Fury asked for my advice on how to get Tommy Fury onto Love Island and I gave it to him. He went on to have a successful career off of that and now it seems that he is jealous of my successes in boxing.

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“I got offered the fight with Tommy after he left Love Island, I accepted the fight, and he turned it down. I understand I’m a dangerous guy but we both went on Love Island, and it would be good to have a battle to see who the best Love Island boxer is. But he’s in the shadow of his brother and he’s trying to get out of it by copying me.

“I’ll fight Tommy whenever I’ll fight him tomorrow, but I think he’s scared, and he knows I’m dangerous.”

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