Wilder manager ‘planning to reply’ to Hearn email after two offers

Wilder announces boxing return following double defeat by Fury

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Eddie Hearn has disclosed that Deontay Wilder’s manager Shelly Finkel is planning on replying to his ‘big money offers’ for fights against Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.

Hearn recently revealed that he had sent an email to Finkel about the possibility of the two fights but was blanked. Finkel came out and admitted to ignoring the offer as Wilder was already booked in to face Robert Helenius.

However, with that fight firmly behind them, Finkel will now have time to consider Hearn’s proposal.

“For me, the AJ-Wilder fight could be the biggest in the division and I think it will happen next year. It’s great to see those guys talking about it like they want to make it,” Hearn told iFL TV.

“I sent Shelly Finkel an email about six weeks ago and said I’ve got some huge offers that I need to make you and Deontay Wilder for a number of big fights in the division namely Dillian Whyte and AJ and they never came back to me. But they are saying now that they might come back to me. It would be nice to start those conversations.”

He continued: “I think I’m definitely still not their cup of tea but at what point do you just say, ‘hold on a minute, this guy is doing huge shows all over the world he says he has a huge offer for us, maybe we should find out what it is’.”


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Joshua vs Wilder has never left the negotiation table despite multiple attempts to make it happen. In 2018, the fight looked almost certain to take place, but drawn-out negotiations frustrated both sides.

As a result, Joshua decided to face Alexander Povetkin in September 2018 while Wilder opted for Tyson Fury in December – placing the final nail in the coffin.

Yet with renewed vigor, Wilder told Kate Abdo earlier this month: “As long as we’re in the business of fighting there’s always going to be that opportunity right there because true or not, every time, I hear people saying ‘when are you going to fight Joshua?’, right now that’s the biggest fight in the world between us still right now, still.

“That is one of the number one matchups that everyone asks me about, so it’s not a question of if, it’s when. It just has to be the right timing, we’re not falling along with Eddie’s games and stuff like that, they drained us… When you come to us make sure it’s at the appropriate time, not when we already have a fight lined up.”


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