Paige Spiranac put Twitter in its place after Greg Norman photo backlash

Former golfer Paige Spiranac has put Twitter trolls in their place after a backlash to her dig at Aussie Greg Norman.

Spiranac was forced to defend herself after being accused of “wanting to have it both ways” over the issue of objectifying male and female bodies.

Spiranac’s comment about Norman’s viral beach photo joined a long list of social media jokes about the revealing image.

The golfer turned Instagram and media sensation Spiranac couldn’t resist tweeting: “Greg ‘The Shark’ Norman. More like hammerhead shark.”

The 27-year-old’s outspoken comments have repeatedly attracted trolling and accusations of sexism — but on Thursday (AEDT) she finally took the bait and lashed out at her accusers.

One Twitter user said Spiranac can’t take offence to comments about her body when she in turn has talked publicly about Norman’s physic.

Paige Spiranac in action in Dubai.Source:Supplied

She pointed out the error in the troll’s comment in brutal fashion.

“I get this comment all the time. I want to set the record straight,” Spiranac wrote on Twitter.

“I have never and will never complain about that. Just don’t call me a sl** or a wh*** solely based on the tops I like to wear. It’s not that hard to understand.”

She responded to another fan: “If someone makes a joke about my t***, I laugh.

“I know my brand. But there is a line and guys cross it more than not. That’s the only time I will stand up for myself and say it’s not okay because it’s not. That’s the whole point of my original tweet.”

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Paige Spiranac couldn’t resist making a gag.Source:Instagram

Fans earlier joined Spiranac in firing in one-liners about the golfer’s three-wood.

The pick of the bunch on Norman’s original Instagram post included “Careful, your dog thinks you’re hiding a stick”, “Shark, dog and python” and “Christ! … That’s not a knife”.

But it was just as fun when news sites started posting the photograph on Facebook and Twitter.

“So Greg Norman and I have one thing in common at least. Neither of us have a green jacket,” Justin Wheelon wrote.

“Local surf comp called off due to a large swell”, “That’s a dog walking his horse”, “you could putt with that thing” and “brings a new meaning to drawing a line in the sand” are probably the best of the rest of those that are safe to print.

The Great White Shark is yet to speak publicly about the storm his image has created.

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