Tiger Woods makes concerning US Open confession – ‘I’m slower than I was’

Woods is hoping to recreate his best ever performance at Pebble Beach and take home his 16th major title, moving him just two away from Jack Nicklaus’ all-time record.

The first time he competed at Pebble Beach – back in 2000 – he produced an all-time great performance to win the US Open by 15 shots.

That 15-shot winning margin remains as the largest in golfing history.

And Woods explained that whilst he is still confident of putting in a good performance this weekend, his game has slowed down since his first win 19 years ago.

“That part hasn’t really changed that much,” he said when asked about how his strategy has changed since 2000.

“Because of the golf balls going further than they did in 2000, and I’m slower than I was in 2000, it’s apples and oranges.

“I would say I’m [hitting] at around the same distance.

“So the golf course doesn’t really change that much for me, it’s all about putting it in the right spots.”

The United States Golfing Association has made changes to the course ahead of the Open this weekend, and Woods discussed how those will make his challenge even greater.

He added: “The really tricky thing for me is the USGA moving the fairway on the 11th so far over to the left.

“We’re used to hitting it more to the right and now that far side bunker is more in play.

“There are a couple of holes we can push it further down and try to take some shorter irons to these things.

“It’s been a while since we played the US Open here, and there’s nothing like playing a US Open at Pebble Beach.

“The golf course isn’t overly long, it’s not big in that regard, but man it’s tricky.

“The greens are all slanted, very small targets and if they ever firm up then we have a totally different ball game.”

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