Jockey shed 3 stone eating nothing but ice cream in extreme diet after lost bet

There are so many diets nowadays, it is difficult to know which one to go for as they all come with so many pros and cons.

However, for horse racing legend Jackson Morris, also known as Wacko Jacko, his diet plan was simple if mad: eat nothing but ice cream.

As with so many crazy ideas like this, it all started after a bet with his mate on race day.

He made the decision to try it out after he lost a bet with Chris Johns, his friend and former Australian rugby league star.

The diets jockeys follow are strict enough, but this was a health plan unlike anything he had done before.

Jackson Morris' ice cream diet

Jackson changed his diet following a bet he had to see to the bitter end.

He was retired at the time and he, along with Chris took a trip to the racecourse to place a few bets.

It wasn’t Jackson’s lucky day though, as time and again his horses just didn’t get the win he wanted.

Speaking to, Jackson said: "We were sitting there, I didn’t have a riding licence at the time, and we were having some bets and I was complaining about one of the rides.

"He looked at me and said, 'look at you sitting there saying that, you couldn’t ride it any better'.

"I was pretty keen to get his cash so that’s when I started to get back into it. I was doing a bit of boxing and a lot of walking.

"I lost 18kg in a few weeks. All I ate was ice cream for three weeks. That is literally all I had, I only ate ice cream.

"I was back riding not long after that, so I got his cash."

How much weight did Jackson Morris lose?

The extreme diet may seem like it would lead to you gaining weight, but the opposite was true to Jackson.

Over the course of a few weeks, he went from 11st 5lb to a tiny 8st 7lb.

It’s an ideal weight for the riders, as jockeys need to maintain a trim figure to stay as light as possible on their horse.

He is clearly a skilled racer, as he’s taken home 334 career wins and £3 million in prize month over the years.

It’s not the first time a rider has admitted to an usual diet as Royal Ascot hero Frankie Dettori was fuelled by half Mars bars.

In 2004, he told The Guardian: "We jockeys weigh ourselves about 20 times a day and we know if we've gained or lost a pound just by looking at how loose our wristwatches are.

"I've never got used to not eating and it is certainly the hardest part of my job. I rarely get the chance to indulge.

"I don't eat in the day. I might grab half a Mars bar and have a few lemon teas (without milk).

"Perhaps I might pick on a chicken leg but then that will be it until dinner.

"I know you are meant to eat a good meal in the morning but if you ride on a full stomach you throw up.

"Not eating gets harder as I get older. When I was young it was all about getting your leg over. You think, 'forget the meal' and go out.

"Now I appreciate good food far more, but I have to content myself with stealing tiny spoonfuls of my children's chocolate ice cream."

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